Princess Mako's Pearls on the Announcement of Her Engagement


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Aug 7, 2017
I know I should listen to the news, but I think all I did was look at her pearls. I think she rocked the look for her age, and now I want her necklace. :p :p :p

He's CUUUUUUTE. And I want a better look at her pearls.
Beautiful real japanese pearls! I never seen them in real life:(
I love the new avatar too, Pattye!

While I'm happy for Princess Mako's engagement, I'm a little sad that she's dressed up the way she is.... she's always dressed in what I think the Jackie Kennedy fashion. She's only 25. There's nothing wrong with her attire, and it looks very royal, but she's got years to dress the way she does now, and I really want to see her in a tee shirt and jeans with sandals having a little spontaneous fun. Perhaps, after she gets married, she can dress up like most young people since she will lose her royal status.

On another note, she wears those pearls a lot! I googled images of her and pearls are her go to jewelry.
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