Pearls looking more beautiful when worn regularly?


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Aug 11, 2019
I wasn’t sure where to put this, but I would love your observations. I’ve noticed, especially with my akoyas (including some vintage ones), that they look more beautiful and lustrous when I wear them often. (Of course I don’t clean house in them or expose them to detergent, chemicals, or solvents.) After each wearing I’m careful to wipe them down super gently with a lint-free soft cloth (maybe dampened with distilled water), before putting them away. I know pearls can dry out, so I’m guessing that the warmth and humidity they’re exposed to when being worn can be beneficial to them. I would love to hear your experiences, and if there’s some science-y stuff behind the phenomenon, I’d be interested in that, too. Thanks for reading. Be well, everyone!
Without trying to sound "corny"...I have noticed that when pearls are worn, they look lovelier...and the wearer ALSO looks lovelier! I believe it goes both ways :)
I have an old friend, gemologist (she recently retired) and pearl passionate, she told me that with Akoya pearl necklaces she would notice they would look better when worn continuously as opposed to being stashed in a safe or box. Some customers would give her these necklaces that seemed "frail and brittle" so she would wear them a full month and she gave them back to the owners "revived".
She believes that there are some people that can "bring life back to damaged pearls"...and that others may "damage them". It was interesting to discuss this with her.

Me? I believe that some pearls may dehydrate and that when you wear them against your skin, they may absorb some moisture and the look better. I would say this is the basis for this phenomenon.

And just like you...I would LOVE to hear others' experience on this subject :)
I would like to bump this thread, because I’m still interested in the phenomenon of pearls being enhanced by frequent wearing. I noticed this effect again with a Tahitian bracelet that I’ve been wearing for several days now. I just realized that I have photos of it “before” so I guess I can take an “after” photo soon. I have been keeping the bracelet clean with a lint-free cloth and purified water, so it’s not that anything has been added to them. I’ve just worn them constantly, even at night.

I also think I need to buy a silk roll or some quality storage for my other pearls, especially the pieces that did not come with a pouch. I also need to find appropriate storage for the loose pearls I have. I don’t want them to dry out.

I hope this is not too long to read! When I have good natural light I’ll take the after photo of the Tahitian bracelet I’ve been wearing and post it.

Thank you for reading, and have a good and SAFE day/evening!

Before: they were always shiny but the colors have come alive and they are more luminous (if that makes sense). I’ll try to get a new pic soon.





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Interesting! Please do share the experiment results! :D
Pointer: Try to take photos using the same background, pearl arrangement, time of day (or lighting situation) so it will b easier to CONTRAST the changes.
Great experiment :You_Rock_Emoticon:
Douglas, I realized that I still have some photos of them “before,” with a white background and taken in indirect light. For once, keeping way too many photos on my tablet is a plus!

There you go! Just keep taking photos in the same way for easier comparison...wish I could write more. Just took a photo of my arm...don't want to see it! :eek2:
I read in a book on Edwardian county houses,that certain ladies maids were regularly “ head hunted” because they were recognised as having” Pearl skin”.pearls were put away in October,diamonds worn till April,and these maids would be wearing up to10 Pearl necklaces at a time during March,to bring back the lustre lost over the winter,ready for their mistresses to enjoy them when the Season started.I havnt got a maid,but I really notice the difference after wearing my pearls for a couple of days,they do glow compared to when they are taken out of their box.
That is quite interesting! Do you have the name of the book? Would love to read this :)
Thanks for sharing this info!
I volunteer to be a pearl wearer for rich people with too many pearls.
I had these neighbors, some 30 years ago. Nice elderly couple, lived just on the waterfront. He always had a bottle of tequila in the freezer and in those extremely hot & humid days he would invite my friends and I into his porch and shared his tequila with us, then start telling us old stories of the fisheries, sharks, sardines, clamming, lobsters...he was the son of a fisherman, and he became a fisherman too, so he had these remarkable stories and jokes to tell. One day they invited me over to show me a large glass jar FULL of small natural pearls. All colors and shapes, since these were from the Gulf of California.

I asked him if he ever made a necklace from these and he had! His wife went for it to show me the necklace and earrings and bracelet set. Mostly made with soft-baroque shaped pearls measuring between 5 and 7 mm, light gray colored. And she proceeded to tell me that at least once a year she would make her husband wear it! Why? -I asked- and she told me that her sweat (and down here everyone sweats!) would make her pearls look dull, but that his skin would render them more beautiful.

How had they discovered this? -I asked- and she told me that her husband's mother had made each of her children wear a pearl necklace she had once a day (there were 10 siblings) to SEE which one made her pearls look better, and of all her children, he was the one that REVIVED them, so people from all over town would bring pearl jewelry to their house so he would wear it to revive them.


We're talking back in the 1930's and all the way to the 1990's ("Tio" passed away in 1996, and "Tia" is still driving around in her car). Anyway, thought this story would complement this thread :)
Thinking pearls benefit from natural body oil of the wearer, I always try to wear my pearls and rotate them whenever I have any chance. This resulted in my other non pearl earrings or necklaces being neglected most of the time:shrug:.

Summer is a great time to wear and show off pearls. Sometimes the sunscreen I put on puts me off from wearing my pearls out of the fear they may get damaged. What a dilemma:(
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I wonder if it is the hyaluronic acid which does the trick. Mollucs naturally secrete it and it does wonders for human skin (as I discovered when I worked a harvest at a pearl farm and spent all day with wet and pearl goo'd hands. Putting hyaluronic acid on human skin is a good thing for skin..does anyone know if we make it. If yes and some make more than others it might explain Douglas's pearl reviving neighbour.
WE might produce this acid (not sure) just like we produce collagen, but my guess is that as we age we produce less and less. It might be that his pH was not acidic and his body oils or sweat would allow pearls to naturally rehydrate.
God knows! It is one of those subjects I will have to touch base with the Creator once I get the chance. Hopefully it won't be anytime soon! ;)
CortezPearls I also guessed the reason being the differences in body PH and skin hydration level. From what I read skin health is closely related to an optimal ph level. Guess back in the days how they select ladies maids with ‘pearl skins’ is probably correct
I love this term "Maids with Pearl Skins" :D