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Aug 26, 2005
Dear forum members & pearl family:
After 2020 and the intense world of Zoom/Skype/Teams/Meet meetings and webinars, I believe it is only fair if we have a place to SHARE news about such digital events.

So, if you hear of an interesting pearl, jewelry, or gem related event, this is the thread to use. Please feel totally free to share here :)
The 1st event I have heard of is this one:
goldsmiths .jpg

Hosted by UK's Goldsmith's Centre and to be shared via Zoom on March 30th at 5 PM (London time). The Speaker? Our very own Pearl-Guide Forum Member Wendy Graham of "Pearlescence" fame :)

You may book (Pay what you want/can!) by clicking HERE
Hello again! Just got informed about another GIA Webinar...this one is about X-RAYS:
X-Rays and Their Use in Gemology
Thursday, April 15 at 10:00 a.m. PDT

Did you know that X-rays not only reveal bones but have applications in gemology as well? X-rays are used to separate natural pearls from cultured ones and to assist in the origin determination of some gems. This technique is unique in that it can be used on opaque as well as transparent gems and is crucial to some aspects of gem identification. Find out more about X-rays with Nick Sturman, Consultant to GIA, in this latest GIA Knowledge Session.

Speaker: Nick Sturman, Consultant to GIA

Click HERE to Register!
And it is July and GIA has another interesting webinar coming up this week!
Gemstones from the Sea
Thursday, July 8 at 10:00 a.m. PDT​

Marine treasures such as shells, pearls, and corals have been valued by humankind since antiquity. These biogenic gems are produced by marine organisms and possess mineral compositions similar to one another. What is the earliest evidence of human use of these materials? What mollusk species commonly produce pearls? What is precious coral and what are its major sources? What other biogenic gem materials can be found in our oceans? Dive deep into the source and science of these gemstones with GIA Senior Manager of Pearl Identification Dr. Chunhui Zhou.

UPDATE: Well, the webinar took place and the video is now available for all to see.

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And this is the first Pearl webinar that I have heard for 2022, and with none other than our friend Rui Galopim de Carvhalo.
The Webinar is a 3-day course aptly named "Marine Gems", which will comprise PEARLS, coral and Tortoise shell.
Prized by mankind since the early days of adornments, gem materials formed by marine species are the protagonists of the next online “live” training. This "Marine Gemstones" program includes four one-hour sessions on “Natural Pearls”, “Cultured Pearls”, “Precious Corals” and “Tortoiseshell” where we’ll cover the varieties, nomenclature, conservation, history and the main gemmological aspects of these biogenic gem materials as seen in jewellery and decorative arts. The sessions were made to serve a wide audience not only wishing the gems & jewellery industry but also the art history community, as well as jewellery and gemmology students. As short duration entry-level workshop, it is accessible to most viewers including anyone with an interest in jewellery, art or gemmology, and tries to raise awareness for the exciting intellectual and practical interest of gemmological knowledge, enhanced by the extensive readings list provided. This live format in a small online meeting room enable participants to engage with the tutor and colleagues in a more dynamic and relaxed environment.

For more information click HERE!