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Mar 13, 2015
Hi everyone,
I've got a problem: I bought some cheap South Sea Pearl earring from a seller on etsy ( I've bought from him before when he had another shop on Etsy and was quite satisfied as the pearls were completely fine for what I paid. The shop was closed down some time ago and I remember reading some reviews about his shop (called Alonzo supplies) that said he never shipped and that he had done so before (when he had another shop). So apparently, this is what he does. He opens a shop, sells pearls (and sometimes ships them to get some good reviews), doesn't ship all of them and disappears with the money. Etsy shuts down his shops but some years later he opens a new one.
So you see, I did know before buying that this could happen to me too (he taking the money and disappear). The last time it didn't though, I was satisfied. But this time I got burned.
Does anyone know what I can do about it? How do I get my money back?
Hi starsinthesea,
I wonder how Etsy can allow this practice. In case of disput, I think it's Etsy's responsability to garantee refund. Sellers must pay their items sheets to Etsy, and sales payments are managed by Etsy, then it is connected to bank account of the sellers and would be able to do something against this kind of crook.
Edit: Just I read sellers' rules on Etsy, which say that Etsy takes itself the right to refund buyer in case of such insane business with an Etsy seller. To get this protection, you must write to Etsy support.
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The same thing happened to me with AlonzoSupplies a few years back. The first time I bought a pearl from him there was no problem, but the second time he never shipped and then Etsy shut down his store. I had paid with PayPal so I filed my claim of non-receipt with PayPal and got my refund that way.

I expect there is another procedure if you paid directly through Etsy.

At the top right of the Etsy page, you see "Home", "Favorites", "You" and "Cart".
Under "You", use the drop down menu to select "Purchases and Reviews."
Under the item you bought but didn't receive there is a link that reads, "I haven't received this item". Click on that to open a case.

For more information use the link to the Help Center that is at the very bottom of the Etsy page. One of the topics is "Reporting a problem" with subsections "Order Issues" and "Contacting Etsy." But I followed the link to reporting an item that didn't arrive and it tells you to click on the link on your purchases page, as I suggested above, so it looks like that is the first step.
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Hi, I am so sorry this happened to you. You do have a few options. First, contact your credit card or payment processor. If you used PayPal, you should contact them directly, otherwise call your credit card company and tell them about the fraud. You can also complain to Etsy by the method described by PDs above.

As a vendor on Etsy, this is exactly the type of thing that harms everyone. The best tool you have is to look at reviews, contact the seller prior to purchasing, and if it smells at all funny...walk away. A legitimate seller would never be insulted by questions not only about the products, but also about their reputation. I build long term relationships with my clients, many of whom purchase multiple items outside of Etsy. Please don't let one bad apple spoil the entire bunch as there are many wonderful vendors/artisans/artists on that platform.
It's good to hear that I'll probably get my money back. I paid through PayPal, so it should be no problem as you explained. It's also nice to know that I'm not the only one that had a bad experience with Alonzo supplies or whatever he calls his shop now. Of course, I shouldn't have bought the pearls in the first place, knowing this could happen. But pearls can be so tempting...

But yeah, how come he's able to always open a new shop? Is it really that easy?
Starsinthesea, I would send this thread to the vendor so they know they have been outed online to a huge group of pearl people. This post may also bring others forward who were his victims and thought they were the only ones harmed. The attorney generals's office in the state he resides in could also be called. They don't take kindly to online internet fraud.
But yeah, how come he's able to always open a new shop? Is it really that easy?

Yes, it is that easy. You just need an email address to open a shop. There are some attempts to curb this, such as trying to associate shops that use the same IP address but that doesn't work very well and backfires often. This is why so many people advise buyers to choose shops with an established sales record.
Definitely contact ETSY and PayPal/Credit Card. This is dreadful and I'm so sorry this happened. I sell mostly off ETSY with my pearls as well but if someone is overseas or a new client I offer ETSY as it gives them a little extra security. I have to believe that you can get your money back from someone with this fraud. Best of Luck .. and as Lady D suggested ... buy expensive items from someone who's store has been open for awhile and with a proven sales record and excellent reviews.
Wooh I was about to make 2nd purchase at his store, as I was satisfied with my last purchase. Thank you for sharing this. But how did you know pearls by Michael is Alonzo supplies?
I can't prove they're the same. But the pictures, descriptions, findings used, range of goods and prices are extremely similar...
Guys I just checked Pearls by Michael vendor and it is now closed.