Pearl Profiles - What's Your Style?



I strongly feel one's personality is portrayed through his or her style.

I tend to stick with very classic, simple clothing and jewelry. That is one of the reasons I'm so passionate about pearls! My day-to-day style is wearing a pair of Akoya or South Sea pearl stud earrings. Simple, yet bold!

What is your style? Does your jewelry portray this style and if so, how?
Well maybe it's a gemini thing ( pearls are my birthstone by the way) but I seem to be all over the place as far as what I like. I favor colored pearls but out of the four necklaces I own three are white and two are baroque. With earrings I prefer dangles over studs.

As far as clothing I like simple styles and jeans. I also bright colors and vintage. Not sure if that goes with my pearl style though.
Hi Amanda

My style is non-existant any more- big t shirts and pedal pushers- but I used to be kooky when younger. I like unusual shapes and colors. My purple freshadama (although round by any standard) is my all purpose favorite. In fact it has ruined me for anything but natural colored purple pearls in all shapes and sizes!
I like classic pieces, with the occasional exotic thrown in like the untreated freshwater baroques, rice pearls and unusual colored Tahitians (usually bracelets for the latter). I'd like to get a Sea of Cortez some day.
Hi Amanda, Interesting to think about--

Although I am about 5'5" only, I always have preferred medium to large jewelry. I generally wear solid colors, classic styles (when I was working). Much prefer colored baroques, large, and ropes and longer strands that I can see when I am wearing them. Large studs, but not long dangles. Guess it is something about my mature age, I buy and wear whatever pearls appeal to me and give me JOY--don't worry much about how they look on me! Guess that makes me a renegade collector--more than a jewelry connoisseur! I find great pleasure in wearing my pearls, and don't fret if they aren't fussed over, most of my friends honestly don't have a clue, beyond occasionally asking, are those real pearls? (Well, I am slowly educating them.) I need to get my Sea of Cortez pearls strung up, will be curious to see the reaction to them, if it is any different.
My other non-pearl jewelry is mostly silver--bold, colored stones, etc.
some artisan crafted and detailed, others smooth & organic. Diamonds have never appealed to me.

so many pearls, so little time
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I like both simple and elegant styles as well as flashy look at me sytles. depending on my mood. I am a Libra. I tend to seek balance in everythign balance and that includes "balacing what I am wearing so the Jewelry must fit the garb weather I am in a Bellydance outfit, Elizabethan Dress,or mundand clothign for work, going out for the evening of fine dining and entertianment or just running to the store in my grungy sweats and tee...

My goal is to have a set of jewelry of every occasion. I still have a long way to go before that goal is met..

I have very distinct looks for various facets of where I am going and what I am doing.

I have lots of non pearl jewelry as well. I have gold wiht Precious and semi precious Gemstones and silver with semi precious stones in tehm from rings to necklaces to earrings. Also some stuff that was from my Grandmother and Great grandmother that have been "updated and made into pieces to fit my personality, which can be very strong at times, I can be simple and elegant to very odd & strange to artsy to WOW you clean up very well!

Cheers all..

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