Not sure what we have found


Jun 10, 2013
Purchased a box of stuff at an auction and inside were two boxes of pearls. They each have a Certificate of Guarantee from Al Fouad Jewellery (Aussie Mike) located in Dubai - one is 6-7 mm white pearl necklace with a bracelet and the other box is 6-7mm black pearl necklace with bracelet.

I have checked and the jewellery store is still in operation.

There is no place were we live to get them appraised so we are unsure what they are worth.

I can post pictures if that would help.

any info would be helpful.
Yes, please post photos. Lay the pearls on a white paper towel and take in indirect daylight, if possible. Using the macro feature on your camera is a big help. :)
I added the photos - couldn't find macro setting on my camera so I hope it turned out ok.
Were you wondering if they were naturals? They look like Chinese freshwater pearls to me. One is dyed, but very pretty. Do the clasps have any markings?
Same impression here. Both set of pearls seem slightly oval. You only see that in freshwater pearls. They would have no major monetary value if you wanted to sell them, but if you got them at a good price at the auction t'll probably have been less expensive than buying them from new and a great way to get you started in the world of pearls :)

- Karin
They do sell freshwater pearls in Dubai, unlike Bahrain where the sale of freshwaters is limited to certain kinds of gem shows that come in then leave after the show.

I would love to see a copy of the certificate as you never know when someone will ask us if we have ever heard of them.

Thank you very much for photographing the certificates for us. That confirms that both strands are cultured pearls.

Just to summarize: The pearls are cultured freshwater pearls from China. The dark necklace is dyed, a customary color treatment. That is not a natural color for freshwater pearls.

You asked about value. The pearls seem to be good quality as near as I can tell from the photo, so an approximate retail value for each set would probably be no more than $200-250. The clasps look like oxidized sterling silver, rather than karat gold. If you decide to sell the pearls on ebay for example, you might get 1/4-1/3 of the retail value.

A pretty nice purchase, I'd say! What do you want to do with the pearls?
Thank you all for your help. I think my son will probably try and sell them - they were his find in an auction box. I am just glad they are real.
I know this is a very old post, but I wanted to ask a question as I have the same pearl sets, I bought them when I was on a layover in Dubai from Afghanistan (ex-military) and actually bought quite a few of these sets for all the women in my family. It was 2004-2005 and they were about $20-$30 a set. I still have a set that I was going to give away as a bridal gift, but was wondering what the price of something like that would be now? I have sets that include the earings as well and a pink set (not sure if it would be natural? or dyed?) same seller, same certificate of authenticity, bought them at the store. Any feedback would be appreciated.
The pearls in the original post are cultured Chinese freshwater pearls. The ones you have a likely the same type of pearls. The value is really determined by the quality and the size. Do you have more details and photos to share?