New York Times article: the Mikimoto Tatoku Pearl Farm

This is BIG! The Mikimoto company is now recognizing that other materials can rival silk for stringing and even be recycled material.

The (130th Anniversary) celebration is to include the introduction of a polyester pearl-stringing thread made entirely from plastic bottle fibers...."

Serafil Recycled is AMANN’s sustainable sewing thread made from 100% recycled PET bottles. Currently, I'm not able to order the recycled version of Serafil, but perhaps it will be available in the future. I wonder if Amann is providing the thread for Mikimoto.
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Pattye, you converted me to poly stringing thread years ago! I actually threw out all my stringing silk after buying the poly thread from you, since I couldn't use the short lengths of silk I bought for weaving.