New Chocoloate Pearl Supplier from Japan



At the previous HK Sept Jewelry Show, I saw a variety Chocolate Pearls displayed at PARAS PEARLS, a company based in Kobe, Japan.
The color and quality was surprisingly nice, and they said the technique used by them was a mixture of radiation and heat treatment.

I bought some Chocolate pearls from PARAS PEARLS (Mr. Nirmam) at a reasonably justified price.
I believe Chocolate pearls are in fashion right now, and they will remain in trend for sometime due to its limited supply.

I wanted to share this information with all of you.
I think all of you who are interested in such pearls should contact this company : or 81-78-2316170


Philip Francesco
Just to clarify - you bought chocolate pearls, you are marketing chocolate pearls and love them so much you thought you'd share your supplier on the Internet?

*cough* err... no advertising please.
This was just a piece of information i wished to share with those interested.

The supplier is no secret, and I reckon PARAS PEARLS is a well known company in the pearl industry.

I was happy with the goods i bought and was therefore suggesting a good supplier to all.