Need help identifying this


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Dec 11, 2004
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The only thing I am certain of is that is isn't a Tahitian pearl. In any case the price is too high; I will not be bidding on this. I am just curious what your opinion is.
To my untrained eye, that looks like an Osmena. What do you think? I wonder if its weight would help, or if it has been filled...
IMO, too dark for an osmena. I'm thinking maybe abalone blister.
Right, blue/silver vs. green is the pigmentation range found in Nautilus nacre. Abalone is also my best guess.
I was thinking Abalone mabe as well. It does look like a mabe. They need to put a side picture up. It seems a fair price for an abalone blister or mabe, but one should get more photos before bidding.

Thanks for your guesses.