Natural pearl pinctada pteria

Saya telah memberi tahu pengguna beberapa kali. Setidaknya dia tidak lagi memposting nomor teleponnya tetapi saya pikir itu harus dihentikan sekarang. Sayang sekali karena dia memposting beberapa mutiara yang indah dan menarik:(
Mungkin kendala bahasa? Tidak ada alasan.
Adakah yang mau mebeli mutiara melo ini..?? Ini sangat langka dan sempurna warna, cahaya, bentuk dan berat. Tapi harganya cukup mahal. Tapi tidak mahal bagi orang yang mencintai mutiara alami.


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Anda benar. Harap di maklumi, saya berasal dari negara indonesia. Kurang pandai berbahasa inggris. Trimakasih atas pengertiannya.
Translated: "You're right. Please understand, I come from Indonesia. Less good at English. Thank you for understanding."
While I've seen lots of mantles with multiple pearls, they've been within otherwise healthy tissue. I've not seen one with such a gelatinous structure.

Multiple pearls very often suggest auto-immunity, but are generally aseptic. This is not that. This mantle is atrophic, likely from a deficency (calcium?). Blood borne protozoa will do that. I think it happens a lot in nature, but it's odd and ephemeral thus we tend to overlook it.

Pearl# 8 is very nice despite it's imperfections. Clearly formed within a deeply perforated pallial mantle which has regenerated with about half and half normal : granular (scar) tissue. Granular tissue grows to fill voids then stops growing. Epithelial tissue keeps growing into the adjacent space. It can make for a floppy... not the usual tight pearl sac. This can give rise to the ratcheting effect that turns pearls. I'm not sure that's what happened here though, I'll suggest instead a thinner (partially deformed or infected) sac on the inner side of the mantle. The sac itself appeared brown and cloudy at the site. Serious perforations like this one can lead to many possible abnormalities.

Again, nice specimens for analysis.
Melo melo pearl


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