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pearl lover
Oct 3, 2011
I joined PG a month ago but I've been lurking for some time. I'm in mid-20s and actually have never really been interested in any jewelry before, but pearls are really special. :)

My love for pearls started a year ago when I gave my boyfriend's mother a cheap pearl necklace from Lombok island in Indonesia as souvenir. She liked it a lot and asked me to find more for her friends (she's in France). So I began searching around because I wanted to know what I'm actually buying, it led me to this site where I've got to learn a lot about pearls. The more I knew about pearls, the more I became fond of it. And eversince then, I've been doing a little buying and selling because people have asked me to buy pearls for them, thanks to the knowledge I got from this website. But I've collected few pieces for myself as well.

My camera doesn't capture indoor light very well, so my pictures tend to be dark.

This is a gift from my mother, a double strand 6mm Akoya pearl necklace. She bought it 15 years ago but have never worn it. Not top quality but still very lovely to wear and the clasp is a thing of beauty.

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This one is PP's Freshadama bracelet 7,5-8mm. Unfortunately, PP doesn't ship to Indonesia so I had to ask my cousin in Singapore to arrange the purchase for me. Worth the effort, the pearls are truly gorgeous!
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This necklace is my favorite because I just love colorful stuff. The pearls are very nice with interesting colors that are difficult to capture with camera. I've always received compliments whenever I'm wearing it :eek: They're 8-8,5mm in size.
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My favorite has always been freshwater pearl as they can be very beautiful yet affordable. But on the last jewelry exhibition I visited, I came across these beautiful loose South Sea pearls and just had to buy it. Both are around 11.5mm and have such interesting luster that are different than most South Sea pearls I've seen. I'm not really familiar with SSP, but is it normal for SSP to have this kind of luster?
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I'm looking for a ring to add to my collection, haven't found the right design though.

Thank you for looking at my small collection, and I'm sorry for my English :eek:
what a lovely collection! i love the multicoloured freshwaters - really pretty! and you're only in your 20's! many more pearls to come i'm guessing!

Wow, beautiful pearls! Not sure those last ones are South Sea pearls, but they are gorgeous. That kind of luster on South Sea pearls would be incredibly expensive. I agree that the clasp is faboo! :cool:
Thank you everyone for the nice comments! I've enjoyed wearing them so much, pearls are very unique jewelry and I just can't get enough of them.

pattye, I don't think I would ever buy Akoya necklace because the price is out of my range. So I'm really glad to have it from my mother, they're very lovely. Thank you for your nice comment about my English too :eek:

mausketeer Thank you! I love multicolor necklace because I can wear it not only to formal event but also to malls or supermarkets, just whenever I feel like it. And yes, I can see that I will keep adding more to the collection because it's hard to resist pearl's beauty.

GemGeek, I appreciate your insight. I would have doubted they were genuine South Sea pearls too if not because the seller is a producer that owns their own South Sea pearl farm. The pearls have flaws but I picked these two pearls out of the A grade lots the seller showed me because of the special luster.
I took another picture of the left pearl to show the flaws, and the orient looks nice here. It's almost as if the pearl has been coated.
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What are you going to do with those two loose unmatched pearls? The one on the right in your photo is especially lovely.
What are you going to do with those two loose unmatched pearls?


But, if they are on opposite sides of the head than the match doesn't have to be perfect, or even very, very close.
In the diamond trade, we used to say that the diamonds don't have to match if there is a nose between them.
Gidday Perlinda

You are a priveleged person with such a collection of pearls.
Personally I am not comfortable working off photo's but the south sea pearls look legit to me.
You can see a couple of pits in the left hand side one.
Just a tip on a pearl for your ring. Jewellers usually buy B grade pearls from me for rings as they can hide the flaws in the mount and present the ring as a A grade pearl.
I should point out that not all jewellers do this, but its something to watch out for.
Enjoy your decision making process and thoroughly enjoy wearing your collection Perlinda, Rusty.
Hi Perlinda,

You have such beautiful pieces already and clearly know what you're doing. I am sure you are going to have lots of fun here on PG :)

- Karin
Being in Indonesia surely helps with getting a good price on the south sea pearls. I'm having severe pearl envy from that last photo, which looks very south sea pearly. Blemishes almost don't matter when a pearl has such a beautiful depth and luminosity. They don't have to match perfectly to make great earrings. Or how about two rings?!!! Whatever you do, be sure to show us photos. :cool:
Enjoy them Katbran and do show us the results.
I'm not sure about a 'small' collection - it is a LOVELY collection

I think your mother's Akoya double starnd is beautiful - not to mention your other special pieces

I think Nora's thing about Diamonds and Noses is terrfific - I'll remember that !!
Selamat malam, Perlinda, transaksi yg menguntungkan... Bagus!

Love the loose pearls you've put on show here. And here's to more of them considering how close you are to the source :)

PS: Your English is fine, no worries there, and sorry for my sub-par Indonesian.
hey, pearlinda. another Indonesian here, which just had been bitten by the pearl-bug.

do you mind sharing with me where you got the sssp beauties? i know we have so many pearl seller, even online, yet i am not yet sure which one is reputable.

thanks in advance