My new Sea of Cortez Pendant from UK arrived today!


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Sep 23, 2011
Hi all. I love showing off my new acquisitions. This is the pendant I was waiting for, which I purchased from Sueki/Vintage Sparkle. Beautiful. Here are some photos (they are Sue's photos).


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I just went a little wild with my camera. Here are some shots from me.


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Loooove it! Crave Sea of Cortez more and more - just like everyone else at PG...

- Karin
Thank you guys!

JS: I found Sueki by reading some of the old posts, and saw her website. I was just surfing around on her website and found the pendant. I was amazed by the price and that no one had already scooped it up. I guess it was just meant to be mine. :)
So beautiful - and your photos look great! Thanks for sharing. :)

Very lovely pendant!!! I remember Sueki, Love her stuff!!!

So what are your plans for the pendant???
Gorgeous pendant and also very nice to see Sue's beautiful work showcased here again. I still miss her from P-G!

Congratulations on a great purchase!
Gorgeous pendant and also very nice to see Sue's beautiful work showcased here again. I still miss her from P-G!

Congratulations on a great purchase!

She is still here. She may not post, but she still a member in contact with other members! P-G is just too good to leave......

Same as Slraep....and Inge. I really miss Slraep and Inge too. That piece looks like one of Carolyn's made in Bali Cortez pieces. Do you think Sue did the same thing as Carolyn pioneered, or is reselling Carolyn's? Carolyn is the reason that most of us oldtimers found Sea of Cortez pearls, then found pearl-guide. She has been dealing Cortez pearls longer than anyone else except maybe Tri-gem.
Yes Caitlin, I still talk to Sue occasionally, but miss her input to the forum. Also miss the others that you mentioned, and a couple of others...

That SoC pendant is just gorgeous - so glad to see it has a proud new owner! Can I ask for a neck shot please?
So, am I wrong in assuming that is not Sue's work per se, but that Carolyn Ehret designed and had it made in Bali? Carolyn was one of the earliest buyers from Cortez pearls and that gold work design is typical of her designs in the past. So it is in Sue's (extremely interesting!) collection of items designed by others, not actually her "work"? I think her collection is superb!

Yes, I miss a number of others, too, and can't get started, but for me, Sueki and Inge will always be remembered together.

Do any of you new guys know Carolyn Ehret of Drusy Designs? A totally unique eBay seller. I have not mentioned her for a long time, but she is one of our earliest members, though a non-poster. She is one of the earliest and greatest supporters of Cortez pearls and she had them made into 22k designs in Bali. Not so much now that gold has gone up. I subscribe to her ebay seller newsletter. Pattye, and others here, are huge fans of her work.
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The cortez pendant is divine! Look at the lustre and so generously sized!

I love the mabe sea of cortez's I've bought from Care Ehret so far... The last I was in Bali, the cost of the artisans' workmanship (exquisite) was rather prohibitive, and I'm not even added on the cost of gold yet - all that granulation is probably quite labour intensive; quite a few designers are now heading to Thailand for similar design work.

Oh the day I can earn a living like quite a few of you caressing pearls and the like; I envy, and, appreciate all your efforts.
Hey Caitlin, I know Ehret. Well..I don't KNOW her, but I have purchased from her. This pendant did remind me of her stuff. Maybe that is where it is from originally (?). Here's a pic of several items I've received from her recently (and I'm trying to decide what to create with them, bracelet I think):


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Well, I do think Carolyn mothered your piece, but Carolyn's stuff has been out there for years now, so it is not surprising some of it has made it to superb collectors like Sueki, then to you! That is a rare piece and I don't think Carolyn is even having much of it done, because it has become so very, very, high end to work in 22k gold and expect to able to sell it to the same numbers of buyers who could afford it 5 years ago.

I suggest you start a folder for this piece, with everything from the ad on sueki's site, to a copy of this thread. It is a true classic collector piece that started in a pteria sterna shell on Douglas et al's farm, then went to Carolyn, then she sold it to someone, then sueki resold it to you. that is a perfect provenance and that piece deserves one!

I have had this thought before, that this forum is a great place to note, or start to, create provenance for any pearl piece. Forums are new to Provenance, having only been invented since the internet, but a photo on a thread here, certainly establishes a point in time that would ID the pearl. I am rushed because i have to leave, but I'd be curious about others' thoughts on this subject
That really sound good. How do I start a 'folder'? Or do you mean a folder on my computer that holds all of this info for future use in evaluating the pendant for resale? Anyway, sounds like a great idea.