My mother just found some pearls


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Sep 17, 2013
Hi everyone,

My mother recently found an old pearl necklace given to her by her father, years ago. She would like to sell them and asked me to help find their worth. Her father bought these when he was stationed in Korea. There are 62 pearls with sterling silver. I do not know anything else of them and am hoping that I can sell these at a good price for my mom. So I've attached a few pictures of them just recently taken. I'll appreciate all feedback on them. Fingers crossed that they're worth something. IMG_0402.jpgIMG_0403.jpgIMG_0404.jpgIMG_0405.jpgIMG_0406.jpg
Try taking a photo on a white paper towel in indirect daylight. Do you have a macro setting on your camera (little flower)?
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Feel free to post your own thread in this section, but please be sure to answer the following questions in your thread!

We would be pleased to try to help you determine what sort of pearls you have, but we will need some information from you first.

We need you to answer every question:

1. Do the pearls feel slightly gritty or smooth when rubbed gently against your tooth or against another pearl?
If they are gritty, they are likely to be real nacre (genuine pearls.) If they feel smooth, they are likely imitation pearls.

2. Please provide clear, in-focus photos without flash against a white background (a paper towel works nicely.)
Include close-ups of the clasp (front and back) and a few of the pearls. If there are flaws, include a photo of those. Also the box they came in, and tags if you have them.

3. Any history you can give us about the pearls. Where/when you or your relative got them, any documentation you have (receipts, appraisals), their price range if you know it, etc.

4. Describe any marks on the clasp. These may be numbers (14K, 585, 750, 925 etc.) or brand names or even pictures.

5. Measure the pearls, with a millimeter ruler if possible. If they are graduated, measure the largest and smallest pearls.