My First Torsade



Hi Everyone,

I'm almost done with the pearl & crystal/glass necklace that an artist friend commissioned. I'm purchasing the findings tonight, so these are unfinished, but you'll get the idea. First, I made different strands and show them separately.

I'll try to get some pics with more accurate color later.

Hope you like the pearls:)

torsade not twisted.jpg

torsade close up.jpg

torsade 2.jpg
Very, very nice. Pearls are whites & natural pink, no ???? Love the diversity of shapes... Once torsade is made, how do you make it keep the shape ??? Mine always "unroll".....
Thanks Imanit. The colors are white, beige, tan, lavender and pink. They'll show better when I can take another photo.

Tonight, when I shop for the clasp, I'm looking for one that can't un-twist. So, a toggle clasp is definitely out of the question. If anyone has a suggestion, I'd love to hear it. I have zero experience with this type of necklace:)

For a clasp I would think one that can hold multiple strands and keep them in place. Perhaps something along the lines of these types?



Fancy type:
Yes, Mandy, those would work. Anything which anchors the twist. Multiple strands would need to be on opposing jump rings rather than corresponding.

There are also twister clasps which permit the wearer to twist the strand and lock it into place while wearing it. These are especially good for long single strands which are folded, clasped on one end, twisted, then clasped into place and worn.
Mandy and Panda, thanks for the help.

This is a sad story. Warning - long and tedious - you might want to just look at the photos. :) I had in mind using those cone-thingys that I've seen on the ends of multiple-strand necklaces. I have only made one, two, or three strand necklaces, so clasps hadn't been a problem. I used the kind Mandy suggested, or attached three bead tips to a large jumpring that in turn was attached with a smaller jumpring to the clasp.

So last night I went to the Gem Faire with a friend and we searched for cones. And we searched. And we searched. -- Because my friend insisted that they had to be gold-colored. She was right. After about an hour, we found the only ones in the show, which were vermeil.

But that vendor didn't have the right kind of clasp. Just like the cones, we went through the whole show again until we found the one vendor who had the right style of vermeil clasp.

But that's not the sad part. I've always wondered how they attached those cones, in an idle sort of way. Now I was walking around the show asking how they work. You wouldn't believe the vague wire-wrappingish, jumpringish sort of things they tentativey put forth.

So last night I sat there wondering what I could do that wouldn't break as soon as it twisted. I almost cried from frustration. I can't believe the nerve I had -- offering to make a type of necklace I'd never done before, with no time to spare!

Fortunately, I had used small gauge flexible coated wire. I managed to knot the six strands into one knot and get them through the hole.

Then I struggled to find a way to get them on the clasp. They wouldn't fit into the nice gold-filled bead tips I had. So I dug through my miscellaneous box until I found some older plated bead tips that just barely let them through. And it closed over the knot! Yay!

Of course the other side wasn't as easy. It didn't seem like it would be hard, but the strands kept slipping as I tried to knot them. It was akin to herding cats.

I meant to put crimp covers over the clamshell bead tips to be sure they wouldn't open, but it will have to wait until the giver can temporarily reclaim the gift.

It was overcast this morning, but I managed to get some daylight shots so you can see the color better. Next time, I won't wait to ask for help!;)

Tomorrow I fly to Tahiti along with Jeremy and 25 other pearl enthusiasts.




Thank you! I'm so happy that the findings I found worked out. It was a miracle, really.:)

You did it! I'm happy for you, and it seems your determination pulled you through. The clasp is lovely and is a nice touch to the necklace. I'm sure your friend will love it!
Cones I think are the normal clasp but when Mandy showed the box clasps, yes they would work. I didn't dawn on me that you were going to use bead tips. In that case, no unless you strung more than one strand through the tip and applied just one tip to the jump ring.

Also, covering the bead tip with a crimp cover! What a great idea! I love the .029 bead tips but they always pop open on me so I switched to the double loop ones but those only come in 4MM. I'm going to have to try it to see if the crimp cover holds it closed.

I'm not a torsade kind of gal, but I do love yours!
I'm not a torsade gal either, but this one is longer and it looked pretty good when I tried it on. I like the colors, but then, I did get to pick them:) The nice thing about pearls is you can't go wrong. They are beautiful with or without embellishment.

The bead tip was the only thing I could get to work. Some day I'm going to have to learn how cones are supposed to be attached! ;)

Still packing, so I have to go:)
Very nice! The crystal beads are a nice touch and of course the clasp tops it off perfectly :)
I've only just learned to wire wrap myself and haven't even started stringing yet, but I think I'll have to try a twisty design like that one of these days. It looks like it would be fun to wear.
Soooo very nice!!!
Blaire, awesome job!! I do like torsades, but not twisted real tight. The plus is that they can be worn loose, but a couple of twists will shorten the piece if the neckline dictates it. Thanks for sharing your struggles also!

so many pearls, so little time
Loveyly necklace! How long is it?

I also very much enjoyed the descriptions of how it was made. Thank you:) .

I left the necklace at my friend's condo door because she had to have it before I left and I couldn't get a hold of her. Well, after many nervous messages to her home phone, I called her best friend from the airport and found out she was away for a few days. I had to go on the trip, knowing that it could be stolen and unable to retrieve it. Ahrgg!

Today when I turned on my cellphone, I got her message that she loved it and it was nice and safe. Yay:)

Thanks for all your kind comments. I'm just back from the pearl tour and trying to read all the new posts (HA! I can see the folly in trying) I can't believe how many new posts there were in two weeks.

Pernula, the necklace was 22" long twisted.

I really missed the Pearl-Guide community. You are the best!

Happy to be Home;)