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My First Freshwater Pearls


New member
I just recently bought a freshwater pearl bracelet (multi color, AA+) from Pearl Paradise and I have to say I am amazed!!

I have always been a saltwater cultured pearl snob and leary of freshwaters because the only ones I had in the past were not very pretty and definitely not round. While these aren't perfectly round, they are round to the eye and held up against some other pearls I have, they have beautiful color and luster and all the goodies.

I am now a convert. They are not even the highest quality. I was a little timid about buying them because I wasn't sure exactly how they would look in person. If I had known how pretty they would be, I would have bought a necklace instead. ;) Well, next pay day.

I can only imagine how nice a really good quality freshwater pearl would be.

This forum has taught me so much and opened my eyes to so many pearl possibilities. I know I am gushing, but I can't help myself.
Thanks everybody!!!!!


Pearl Collector & Designer
Hi Richipat,
Hmm, I know the feeling.
I, too, was a salt-water pearl lover before I found this forum. The freshwater pearls that I own are all in antique jewellery and baroque.
Until I found this forum, I had assumed all freshwater pearls to be baroque and white....
And then I bought a multi-colour rope.
Wow !! Unbelievably beautiful. I've worn it almost daily.
Enjoy your bracelet, and I hope you buy the necklace too.
Of course, it won't stop there; soon you will be thinking of a double-row necklace, or earrings, or a long rope.......


New member
I'm glad to hear of your positive experiences, the both of you :)

I've never possessed any other pearl types besides freshwaters, mostly due to the fact that I was never interested in pearls outside of beading. That however has changed, now that I've purchased a freshwater piece from Pearl Paradise myself (a pretty pink baroque necklace!) and I love it. I'm hoping somehow this month I'll be able to purchase one of the whites, simply because I love their shapes.

If you can please take pictures and show us how they look on you! I bet they're fab.


New member
wow -- taking pictures of pearl is tricky.

Let's see....first one -- my saltwater necklace next to the freshwater bracelet.
They actually compliment each other nicely.

Second, on arm. I just love the subtle colors


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New member
They do look nice. I have a question about the roundness. If they are "round to the eye," does that mean that you can not detect any off-round shape, even by looking at them closely? Or does it mean that they would appear to be round if you were to view them on another person, but if you look more closely you can see that they aren't perfectly round? Thanks.



New member
They are really hard to tell that they are not round. When I hold them up really close I can tell some of them are a little fatter than longer, but it is very, very hard to tell.

From a distance with someone else looking I thnk they would be hard pressed to see that they aren't perfectly round.

Overall they look very round to me. I am very pleased with their shape.


That bracelet does look really nice. I'm really starting like the look of multi colored strands.
I'm not sure I have a favorite type of pearl yet myself. I do love freshwater pearls but I also love Tahitains, especially the baroques!


Pearl Collector & Designer
Here goes, and sorry for the poor photography skills.
The necklace is much, much nicer in life.


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New member
Hi Sueki,

Did you get that from The Pearl Outlet? It looks like the 100-inch rope I got from them. Just curious. It looks beautiful. I know I love mine!


Pearl Collector & Designer
Hi Salem and Inge,
Wow ! 100 inches - it surely must be fabulous !
No, mine is from another vendor.
He posted a photo of a long rope of white pearls and I asked him if he could make similar for me but with multi-colour pearls.
Mine is 60 inches long, 7-8mm. pearls with 9 of 10mm. pearls sprinkled randomly.
Am longing for a 100 inch rope now - my 60 inch is gorgeous and I wear it often, and I fiddle with it constantly - pearls are so tactile, as well as being beautiful to look at.
It just makes me determind to have 100 inch rope, too.

Inge, thank you for your kind comment!
While you are here, thank you, too, for the advice regarding beading.
I am well on the way to completing my first necklace.
When I am happy with it, I'll post a photo.


New member
The thing I like about my multi-color rope is that, to me, it looks like candy. Do you remember those necklaces that were strung on elastic and you could bite off each bead. I think almost every girl in the US had to have one at least. ;) Anyway, while they don't look much alike, the multi-color strands still evoke that sense of whimsy for me. I have gotten a lot of compliments on it because CFWP are not that common in Japan yet, especially multi-colored.


Wow! Great necklace. Love it.

And, yes, those candy necklaces that were on elastic were a childhood staple of mine! Your necklace does remind me of that.


New member
LOL, can't believe I did this. My ropes are only 60 inch as well. I am not quite sure how I made that mistake. I hadn't worn them in a while and must have exaggerated their length in my mind. Actually, I think Raisondetre had a thread up called Terry's pearls. I think the ropes she posted were from the same group as mine. I got both the white and multi-colored as well. I have seen a 100 inch rope that I am considering, but will probably pass on.