Mini Melbourne ruckus


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Aug 2, 2009
It just so happens that my little corner of the world has been selected by a number of very stylish Pearly People, as the Place to Stay (and be enveigled into trying a Tango class). If humanly possible, photos to follow. Surely that is Pearling Industry News of front page significance!
Who knew tango was a contact sport. :) It's actually fun when you do it right and when Nerida stops laughing. I'm about as smooth as a bull in a china shop though but I'll get it eventually. Thanks for inviting us Carolyn.
Where are the photos? Did anyone take picture of Mikeyy?
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Yes, yes! Clamoring for photos!! ;)
Still awaiting hopefully better shots from a different camera... This is Mikeyy dancing with the Teacher. (Of course Nerida & I are spinning so fast, we cant be seen...)
Both of them made creditable Tangueros, and should continue to practise. Ruckuses will be taken to a whole new level in the future.
We all had a great fun night!


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Well, we all know why Mike had to dance with the teacher.... I managed okay almost all the time (well, other than when I was dancing with Mike!!)