Kyshima Cultured Pearls


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Mar 16, 2024
Has anyone ever heard of Kyshima Cultured Pearls? Someone has a strand of vintage cultured pearls for sale. Sterling clasp and never worn, 44 cm long. I can't find anything about them on the Internet at all. Thanks in advance.


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I searched online and on this forum and have not found any reference to this brand.
Do you have any better photos? It's hard to say anything about them from that photo alone.

I will add this caution-- any strand can be put into any box. At an antiques collective shop a few years back, I saw a strand of pearls in brand-name box labeled cultured pearls. I asked to see them, but as soon as I picked them up, I realized they were not only imitation, but cheap plastic ones.
I've never heard of the brand and the name is strange. It seems like it's designed to be/look Japanese, but it's not.

Shima is common in place and company names because it means island in Japanese. Ky has no meaning. It has to be followed by a vowel. Kys... is not a sound in Japanese. If it were Kishima it could be a Japanese name.
Thank you for your advice. I have been advised the pearls were bought in Melbourne, Australia 30 years ago from a jeweller. So I have decided not to buy them because I suspect they are not real. Any reputable company would have some history on the Internet from my experience. The lady is taking them to a jeweller to get appraised. I hope she's not disappointed. Thanks again.