K. Mikimoto on Grains of Sand

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Jan 29, 2007
Available in PDF format on Google Books is the following classic:

Japanese Culture Pearls
A Successful Case of Science Applied in Aid of Nature
K. Mikimoto, 1907​

Page 4:

?Now it often happens that foreign substances such as sand grains,
microscopic organisms of various kinds, parasitic worms, crabs, or sometimes
even small fishes become introduced by accident or otherwise inside the
shell or into the tissues of the mollusc?s soft body.?

In any case, it's an historic volume for the electronic library.
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This post and responses to it have been moved to natural pearls, because no cultured pearl ever came from a grain of sand.

For the thread that lists experts who have mentioned the grain of sand theory see "Who says Pearls Caused by Grains of sand?"

For the scientific experiment that proves grains of sand do not cause pearls see "Scientists Debunk Grain of sand theory". This thread also includes the comments and photos on how pearls do form.

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Thanks to Steve for bringing this important topic up!!!
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