Just had to share

I think it's great that someone found 'natural' 'Tahitians' in Hazmat suit colours. That must have been a market niche.

Surprise, surprise! I just got a friendly reminder by Ebay posted on my Facebook page suggesting me to buy this lovely strand before it is too late.
By the way: Does anybody know how to turn off the commercial posting on Facebook?
oh. my. glob. those are awesome, in so many bad ways!

someone has to preserve the photo for perpetuity, i volunteer.

hazmat pearls.jpg

now we can bask in their glow forever.
So many questions come to mind. For example, why oh why choose this maggot-like shape if you can make any shape under the sun? Just disgusting. And why choose these particularly awful colors?
Hey, Maybe they are recycled and therefore natural! They didn't use the "good for the environment" pitch, sigh..opportunity lost