Imperial Russian mass pearl consumption...

You are absolutely right lisa c, one should never eat chocolate in bed or near any fabric in my opinion. To messy.
I did read somewhere that animals have bacteria or something like that in their mouth that kills bad bacteria etc and that's why they can eat much anything regardless of the state of the food. Humans do not. But at some time we probably did. Maybe we have evolved during the last century and lost that ability, that I must say is pretty neat, what with being too clean and all the medicine and whatnot. We have so many allergies nowadays that some claim are a reaction from the bodies because they don't have to fight all the time for survival. What if people a hundred years ago didn't have all those bacteria etc in their mouths...
LOL! Immortal Twinkies!
That's not a bonbon in the picture :) That's a Danish (and, I think, German) sweet, in Danish called 'flødebolle', that will squash just by looking at it. The filling is a kind of egg white on a thin waffle bottom covered with thin chocolate. It's light as air and soooo good.
Hello my dear ones, kisses and hugs. I actually was contemplating the activities of things like mice, spiders, moths, anything that eats, wondering if conditions in the storage places for textiles of Russia were so dry, or so cold, or so *?WHAT?* could they be? that would prevent even microbes from locating the sweet, and destroying the fabric surrounding the sweet. And why didn’t the exertion from dancing??? melt, squish, etc.

My pedestrian experience with old family items, a child’s leather glove, a pair of silk baby socks, a lawn wedding gown, a lawn christening gown, a silk doll’s parasol, a silk and ivory fan, a leather covered presentation that organic things just dissolve if you look at them. A slight exaggeration - but not too much of one. Without really knowing how to care for stuff, or doing it properly, one or two generations of neglect... poof!

Elizabeth1 had a whole house given over to her wardrobe.

Then, I figured that there’s probably a whole website or university course that’d give me chapter and verse on textile preservation and archiving. I know it exists. It just needs to be accessed.

I wasn’t thinking as much of the candy, as of the fabric. I can imagine certain candies mummifying. There’s another field of science -
So much Science, so little time.:yup:
Love our website, all the interesting things our pearl buddies know and access, and you guys are so funny:07::lol: