I recently found a pearl while eating lobster - any feedback greatly appreciated

I found this in my lobster I was eating last night.


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Crustaceans (such as lobsters) DO NOT PRODUCE PEARLS. We are safe to say that you did not find a "Lobster Pearl".

But crustaceans do produce tiny "Statholithos" or "Stones" that are used to give the animal the ability to stabilize itself and know up from down.
More info from Wikipedia:

The statocyst consists of a sac-like structure containing a mineralised mass (statolith) and numerous innervated sensory hairs (setae). The statolith's inertia causes it to push against the setae when the animal accelerates. Deflection of setae by the statolith in response to gravity activates neurons, providing feedback to the animal on change in orientation and allowing balance to be maintained.