I need some help please


Jul 2, 2023
, jag är ny här och från Sverige, så jag gör mitt bästa för att rätta i engelska.
Jag har ett fantastiskt hänge, men jag vet inte om det kan vara en Mabe Pearl eller Osman.
Den har många kännetecken
925 import och S.
Men designern eller var den kommer ifrån kan jag inte ta reda på. Jag frågar i så många grupper på Facebook men ingen kropp vet. Kan någon snälla försöka hjälpa mig med mitt favorithänge 😍


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Google Translation:

, I'm new here and from Sweden, so I'll do my best to correct the English.
I have a great pendant, but I don't know if it could be a Mabe Pearl or Osman.
It has many characteristics
925 import and S.
But I can't find out the designer or where it comes from. I ask in so many groups on Facebook but no body knows. Can someone please try to help me with my favorite pendant

It looks like an osmena.
Thanks for your translation, @Pearl Dreams!

It looks like a typical Osmena nautilus shell cabochon to me. The 3rd picture shows the pattern of the shell. I like your 1st picture, very pretty.

I agree: Osmeña.
Turbo Shell imitation Mabe (2).JPG

This one is a similar product but made from the "Turban Top Shell" (Turbo spp) a species of marine snail or gastropod that is fished for its meat. The shell is nacreous and lends itself to be cut into nice flat pieces. They can be colored in almost any color and used mainly for "Beach Jewelry".
Tack så mycket för hjälpen.
.but does eny won know how can be the designer? Or from which country it comes from?
Hard to say @bella83
That is a very classic design...not really something that you can't find almost anywhere.