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Sep 24, 2007
I think we need a stickied thread with clear instructions on uploading photos. People who come here asking what kind of pearls they have are often new to Pearl-Guide.

I will describe how to upload photos from a computer, but it seems that increasingly people are uploading from a mobile device.

Will someone who is adept at uploading from mobile devices please contribute to this thread with clear step-by-step instructions?

How to upload photos from a computer.
(Note: If you are new to Pearl-Guide, you may need to wait for attachments to be approved by Administration. Please be patient.)

1. Click on Go Advanced, then Manage Attachments. This opens a small window, the File Upload Manager.
2. Click the green + button to "Add files".
3. Click "Choose File". This opens a large window to your computer files. Find the photo file you want to upload.
4. Highlight the one you selected and Choose it. The large window will go away.
5. On the small File Upload Manager window you should now see the name of the file you have chosen. Click "Upload".
6. Next to Manage Attachments you should now see the name of the photo you have uploaded.
7. If you have more photos to upload, repeat the process-- click "Choose File" on the small File Upload Manager window, etc.
8. When you are done uploading, click Preview Post to see your post, or just Submit.
9. If you want to add more photos or remove photos later, return to Manage Attachments.

Edit: To upload photos from a smartphone, switch to the "desktop version" of Pearl-Guide rather than the "mobile version".

There is another, simpler way to upload an image:
Click on the Insert Image icon (it looks like photo of a small tree) and go from there.
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If it helps, PearlDreams, I am on a mac and have an iPhone, thus am able to easily "share" photos with Airdrop. Maybe folks don't use this function? It's fairly easy, just make sure both devices (apple products) have the bluetooth function enabled. Then simply click the upload icon (little box with arrow pointing up) and save in your iPhotos. From there, you can easily use the upload process as outlined above. One thing, I have not mastered, however, is how to get the photos to load facing the correct direction (they come out sideways, or up-side-down).
Do you think they are coming out that way because of how you held the phone when taking the picture?
When I upload photos from my camera into iPhoto, they are rotated on their side if I held the camera vertically to take the shot.

I have to correct their orientation in iPhoto before exporting them to Documents. I then upload them to P-G from Documents.
It is!

Some folks seem to have smartphones but not a computer-- can anyone provide details of how to upload photos without involving a computer?

To upload photos from a smartphone, switch to the "desktop version" of Pearl-Guide, rather than the "mobile version".
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I'm posting this helpful tip from BWeaves on how not to have your photos upload sideways:

I have a Mac and an iPhone. I find that if I load the photos onto my Mac, and then crop them a bit, then stay upright. But if I don't crop them, or I crop them in the phone, then load them on the Mac, then they post sideways.

We just had a major update to the forum's innards (from vBulletin 4 to 5) and this was done mainly for Security reasons, BUT some perks are now available to us all, including:
  • It just works on your smartphone! You don't have to go to "weird" solutions in order to make it work.
  • Easier and Friendlier Photo posting.
So, how do you post photos now? Just follow these guidelines:
  • You are inside a thread...either you have created it, or you are replying to one. You start typing your text and now you want to add some photos. There are two ways to do it, both are easy but have different functions: one to place attached photos and the other one to add INLINE photos (in between text).
  • We will start this post with the simpler function of just adding photos. I will do it with the INLINE method :)
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So, I started typing on an existing thread and I clicked on the "Camera" icon on the top left side of the post editing area, you can see I drew a small red arrow pointing to it.
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Once you do this you will see the options "Upload Attachments" (this if for the INLINE method), "Upload from URL" (when you want to add images directly from another site) and then "Upload", which is the method we are going to select for this example. BTW, did you notice the "Advanced Options+"??? It's the same as if we had used the "Camera" icon...same thing. Also: "Select from Photo Album" is to add photos you have previously uploaded to this if you want to add NEW PHOTOS that would not be the way to go.

For this particular example we will use "Upload". You will click on it and this happens (on your PC/laptop):

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The forum will now open a folder view option from your PC/laptop/phone so you will be able to find a particular folder and then the images you want to upload and you select it and press "Open". This action will take you to this stage:
Click image for larger version  Name:	2,5.png Views:	0 Size:	189.1 KB ID:	452803
You will see the photo you selected, and here you can keep adding photos by pressing on the "Upload More" button or just head out to "Continue" to add this photo. You can also write a description to your photo by writing where it says, "Write something about your Photo". After pressing on "Continue" this is what will happen:

Click image for larger version  Name:	4.jpeg Views:	0 Size:	111.7 KB ID:	452804
You will see the image on the bottom, under the text you just wrote for your post and here you can add more images (click on "Upload more"), continue adding/editing your post text or -if finished- just click on "Post Reply". Alternatively, you can also use "Preview" to see how your post will look like before actually posting, so you can catch typos or mistakes.

This is how your post will look now:
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So, this is how your post will look like now :D
But...the image looks sooo tiny! It's just a "thumbnail" and the thing is that it allows all posts in a thread to look better and you can follow the discussion better, and when you want to SEE the image in all its glory you just click on it, and this happens:
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And the image expands to occupy a good portion of your screen. You can see who posted the image, and its description (if added) and there is even a "Carrousel" feature, where you can flip through all the images in that particular post by clicking on some "side arrows" on the left and right side of the photo (not seen here since there is only one image). When you are ready to close the photo and return to the thread you just click on the "X" button on the upper right side of the photo (see the little red arrow).

And that's it! This is the easy way to add photos to your post :)

Next post will cover the INLINE method...


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This method is used to add images in between in the previous post, where you want to explain a process. This method is a bit more complicated because you have several options, but once you get the hang of it it becomes natural.

So, the main thing to know is that you will be using the "Upload Attachments" button, instead of the "Camera" icon. This button is located under the "Smilies Bar". Will not add a photo for this, since it was also covered in the previous post.

After clicking on this button, you will see again the "image selection" folder from your PC/phone. You will navigate to the folder you want and select the images. Will not add a photo for this, since it was also covered in the previous post.

Once you have selected your image, you will see this:

Under the "Upload Attachments/Upload from URL" buttons you will have a small thumbnail of the image you want to add and some options: Thumbnail (just as in the previous post), Small, Medium, Large, Fullsize, and Remove.
Remove is to delete the image from the forum's server and all other options are about the size of the image you are posting and are self-explaining...but in case you selected a size you don't like, you can actually resize the image using a simple graphical method.

Here you will see how it's done:
Screenshot (12)_LI.jpg

So, I added that photo with the 2 pearls and I used the "Small" option, but now I think it's too small! So I just click on the image and now I have 2 options (see red arrows): a black square on the lower right side of the image and another "square" with "arrows inside" on the upper left side of the photo. They have two different purposes.

The "black square" is used to change the size. Just click/touch (if you have a touchscreen) and hold that click/touch and then "drag" to the right to make the image become larger...or to the left if it was to big and you want it smaller. That's it!
In case you want to "move" the photo to another place, you click on the other "box" and drag it around until you find the right spot.

So, now I will add the image of the photo I uploaded in Medium size:

Another thing to notice are the "list" of the photos you have uploaded...they will remain there for you to see:

They are there for a make it easy for you to change and edit the photos you are adding. Once you post, they will "disappear", until you decide you need to edit your post.


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