How to find legit pearl appraiser


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Feb 7, 2021
Hello all, I'm in WA state, near Seattle and Tacoma, and want to get my newest pearl necklace appraised, but am at a loss, as I don't feel the average jeweler is necessarily well informed enough about pearls. Is there anyone near me that is reputable? Thanks in advance, also, what is an average fee for this service?
Are you looking to appraise your new pearls for insurance purposes? That would be "replacement value"; assuming you have a receipt, you could just use the price you paid for it as the value.
And if it was a bargain, paying for an appraisal and then purchasing an insurance rider could more than wipe out the bargain.

Generally homeowner's insurance covers a certain amount of jewelry. I expect the same is true for renter's insurance. You may wish to check how much jewelry your insurance covers, before purchasing an additional rider for your pearls.
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Excellent suggestion!
Thanks, appreciate the advice! Not really for insurance, hadn't really considered that yet. I got what I consider a amazing deal, and am just interested to learn the quality ratings, and possible resale values, although I think replacement would be a higher number, given that resale for pearls seems quite low most of the time. Have noticed a surge in the popularity of pearl jewelry in the last year, slow uptick but definitely there, that's been pleasing to see! I'm speaking on a resale view, not sure on status at retail levels, I don't sell, only buy so far.
Pearlescence is right! "Sold" listings demonstrate what people are actually willing to pay. And it costs nothing to do a search.

Resale value is generally much lower than replacement value, especially for the more common kinds, quality and sizes of pearls. An exception might be Mikimoto items with documentation / packaging.
Thanks! Have been looking for comparable one for sale, pre owned, which mine was, but so far no luck, so I'll hit e-bay, and a few other resale sites, and give it a shot! Thanks again for the help!
Just a bit of caution about homeowner's insurance and jewelry. Many policies require jewelry riders (additional insurance), so you should check your policy to see if your jewelry is covered. It may not be. Also, remember the person selling you the jewelry has a motivation to provide an appraisal equal to or greater than the actual value of the jewelry. For this reason, insurers aren't always ready to take the seller's appraisal as gospel and may have their own in-house people give their own appraisal...and they have a motivation to appraise it low. So, my advice is to have your jewelry appraised by a reputable jeweler who didn't sell you the piece, and to keep photos and detailed descriptions of your jewelry in a place separate from the jewelry. This person may be able to help. If not contact your insurance company and ask who most of their clients with jewelry riders use for appraisals. Then call and ask if they have their GIA in pearls.
Thank you all for the great information and advice, I didn't get an appraisal, it was a direct purchase from ebay. Not an auction, and was under 100 with shipping and tax, so I think I'll just wear them happily, and not worry about the valuation. Think I paid a reasonably low price for what I received. I may still get the appraisal down the road sometime, depending on the fee. Have a blessed day all!
Faith, I'm glad you found an amazing necklace at a great price! Lots of excellent advice from our members.
Some years back our member Gemgeek recommended North American Gemological Laboratory in Bellevue WA and Ted Irwin, NAJA, for pearl appraisals. Definitely more reliable than the average jeweler, and not necessarily more expensive, imo. They have a website.