Golden Mikimotos arrived...


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Oct 19, 2019
A couple of weeks ago I asked about some golden SSP's my wife purchased and posted a couple "vendor" pics. They arrived a n hour ago and I thought I'd share some quick photos I shot.
First the vendor's as a reminder...

now mine (please excuse the quality)


Great clasp, very positive grip

I don't know for golden South Sea pearls. They look perfect in your photos. How noticeable are the dimples?
Not terribly noticeable (at least to my failing eyes lol). My wife saw them but I didn't until she pointed them out when I gave them to her when she arrived from work.
The clasp is legit. The pearls are almost perfect. Those dimples are so minor compared to other SS pearls I've seen. I think you've got a good strand. Unless the price was so low that you're suspicious?
The price was in line with what other lesser goldens can be had for. I just don't have any experience with SSP's to speak of and don't know what constitutes Mikimoto quality as I've never had the pleasure of visiting them. Thank you for the reassurance!!!
I just went through the Pearls As One course to read through the new sections. The section on Golden SS pearls says the highest quality may have a tiny pinprick per pearl. Your strand looks very well matched. I would think they would be much more expensive if there were absolutely no pinpricks anywhere in the strand.
They look really lovely . I wouldn't worry about the little pin pricks , frankly it would be hard to get a strand without some unless you were paying for perfection. The colour is pretty , from the sunlight photos they look like a light gold ? Lustre and overtones are beautiful ! Like the clasp too !
It's a GORGEOUS strand!
Beautiful golden South Seas strand! And they have their own guardian creature :) ? which I like as much as the pearls ...
You caught that did you? That is an antique Japanese roof ornament/talisman? that my wife just HAD to have LOL! It is gratifying that you and the other accomplished pear people that have commented think we did well!!
To sort of answer Katbran, I really can't say what shade they are (I have VERY little expertise). The sun seems to wash them out some and inside they deepen. I took a couple of comparison shots of her other dimpled/lined semi-baroques and some semi-round SSP's under inside bright white vanity lighting.