Giant pearl from Turbinella Pyrum

I do. Why don-t you share some specs and a photo here friend!
This is my pearl


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Thanks for sharing!
It has a nice shape, coloration and appeal are not exceptional...GOOD size.
Non nacreous pearls are plentiful. Only those with SPECTACULAR traits are easy to sell, even at really high prices.
I can always ask...but let me show you some natural clam pearls I have...
Natural Clam Pearls

The larger one measures 12 mm. I have been offered less than $100 USD for all of these.

But here I have some nice Conch Pearls...worth thousands of dollars (as a lot).
Conch Pearls

Maybe somebody that collects pearls just for a biological collection will want the pearl. But I don't know how easy it will be to find him/her.