Galatea - pearl-obsessed pics fresh off plane


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Apr 19, 2007
I swear I'm going to spend more time doing serious stuff, but I had to photograph these first. Didn't do my nails so all you get to see are fat fingers. The pearl quality is amazing though it's not apparent from the picture. I'm not quite used to the ?grey overtone as I usually see green/peacocks around here but it seems to show quite nicely on my fair skin.




They look big and dark and very yummy (technical term). Your text went off the edge of the page with the photo so I couldn't read everything you said, but I love the new jewelry. And of course, another cute top!

Great job!;)

You can see my top just from that? Geez you're good. The last pic is a bit fuzzy. I'm a bit surprised how well the grey/dark body color shows up - my impression is that grey overtones are usually a bit duller and not as flattering. Pleasant surprise! Gotta save up for the gold/freshwater diamond in a pearl set now.
I like the neckline, one of my favorites. I wish I could see the chain detailing!

There's always another conquest waiting in the wings. Everytime I think I have all the jewelry a person could ever want, something new comes along and bewitches me.;)