Freshwater or South Sea Baroque?


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Aug 19, 2021
The luster on these is so pretty, but are they freshwater or South Sea? Can anyone tell?
FW or SS 2.jpg
FW or SS.jpg
FW or SS 1.jpg
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I'm going to go with freshwater. I have some with similar bulbous protuberances.

The size, next to the penny, shows they are very much on the small side for SSP. And the necklace is not finished like a valuable strand would be-- no gimp.
I would really like to have these pearls in my hand to SEE THEM IN THE NACRE. I zoomed the photos and I simply could not discern those "things" that give me an indication to say they are SSPs or FWPs.
They give me SSP vibes due to shape and coloration, but I really cannot say with any certainty if they are SSPs or FWPs.
They could be lower quality's the overtones that takes me there.
10-12mm no gimp, strung in Hong Kong. Not sure if any of that information helps...
Not really much help. I mean HK gets ALL kinds of pearls from all over the world (except maybe Fiji and Cortez). Some strands are prepared as temporary strands, so not a lot of effort goes there due to this.
But these do give me SSP vibes.
I went ahead and ordered them...they were a good price, even for FW. Would you all like me to post more photos...and if so, how do you want me to post them...or post a video?
Pearls have arrived...I took more photos. Please take a look. I won't post a video unless necessary. Perhaps these pictures can provide additional information. Thank you all for your help. The are truly more beautiful in person than these photos. Some pearls do have a more milky disposition where drilled. I know FW pearls sometimes have this but wasn't sure if South Sea would have milky to luster surfaces. I can take even more close-up photos if necessary.
They look just LOVELY!
Great luster! Nice shapes and some "hammering" (that I personally love) and great overtones.
Whatever they are, they have very pretty luster and should be lots of fun to wear!
Not weighing in except to say they have lovely luster!
So @Pearl Dreams still think Freshwater...
And still think South Sea...

Anyone else want to weight in?
I still get SSP vibes. The mottling, the overtones are what give me these vibes. Never seen mottling (or "hammering") in freshwater pearls. But I would feel better if I could handle them and look upon them "in the nacre".