Faceted Tahitian pearls?

This is so interesting and thank you for sharing! The faceted pearls are very beautiful and there’s kind of a mystery to them! It’s interesting how the color is not lost in the process!
I am very late to this thread as it has been a very busy few years. I wanted to share these faceted Tahitians which I purchased maybe 4 years ago as loose pearls from Eliko Pearls which has an amazing selection of pearls of all types including hand painted artisan pearls. I don’t remember exactly and of course everything changes over time, but the pair was under $500. They have beautiful green and pink overtones.


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I fully agree with Jeremy: that is a beautiful pair of faceted pearls Pearly-Whites
Agreed, those are gorgeous! Please consider posting an "earshot" on the pearls-in-action thread, as I don't think I am alone in wanting to see them :love:
I've been following this very interesting thread on faceted pearls; great reading and information. So I thought I'd post my faceted leaf carved pearl example, made for me to wear on a long chain by the great Pearl Paradise team :) The pearl is lovely, retains it's colors and overtones, and something I find fascinating in person: when the pearl spins, the edges of the carving glitter and sparkle a bit.
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That’s a beautiful faceted carved pearl Cathy Keshi and such a lovely set!!
Thanks Lilpearl! I really treasure it, wear it often on a long smooth "snake" chain. The Pearl Paradise team did a fabulous job complimenting the pearl with the gems and pearls. There was no going back once they found that delightful little Keshi pearl; they know me well lol.
It is a beautiful set! With the cherry being that gorgeous carved drop CathyKeshi
Next time we meet -God willing- you just have to wear it so I can admire it :)
Aw, thank you Douglas, Charlotta and Eolian. I do treasure the pendant, for its beauty, and especially the great memories of the Pearl Paradise creative team searching for and finding just the right partners for the carved pearl :).