Extreme Tahiti pearl


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Jul 21, 2010
Saw this 19.98 mm Dark with green overtone Tahiti cultured pearl on Basel World 2012. Pearl was sold for US $ 55,675,= to a client in the Middle East by Pinella Autore, Australian Pearls, Nice France.


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I wonder how large the nucleus is? For $55,675 I would like to have nacre thicker than .8mm. :)
2 cms !!!!

That is HUGE

must be incredible to see

let alone hold in your hand............
It is a gorgeous Pearl.. From the image the colour looks fantastic, the Lustre is rich and the shape is round. Would love to see what the finished piece of jewellery would look llike.
Well, I had the opposite response; call me a bad name, :( :eek: but I see the shell as having better color than the pearl. I know, I know, each to his/her own, room for all kinds, and I'm partial to Josh's most colorful pearls (and others too!). Color, color, color...

Probably it's much better in real life, to achieve that price.
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