Dyed or Natural South Sea?


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Feb 15, 2022

I’m contemplating a purchase and I’d appreciate hearing your opinions on whether you think these pearls are dyed or naturally golden south sea pearls? They are oval, approximately 10mm in size and the seller says they are natural. Thank you for any help you can offer!


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I know I wouldn't be able to tell with single pearls from a photo. If you want to know their actual color (they look weirdly orang-y to me), try to adjust the color so the paper shows as white on your monitor.

I would say it depends on if you trust the seller. If it sounds like you are getting a great deal from someone you've never bought from before, it might be safer to assume they are dyed and decide if it matters. Alternatively, if it's important, I would probably stick to someone that I either trusted or that came recommended.
Thank you both for your input. I’m happy to hear an expert’s opinion that they look natural! I’ve worked with this seller once before, and the pearls I received were exactly as described and purchased at a fair price (neither too expensive nor inexpensive). So I think I’ll go ahead with this purchase. Thank you again!