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"Cultured Pearls from Lake Kasumigaura: Production and Gemological Characteristics"


Pearl Scholar
Dec 26, 2005
Thank you, PD. Our own Sarah of Kojima Pearl works directly with her farmer friends to obtain Kasumi pearls from their small yearly harvest. If I remember correctly, Sarah said there are only 3 farms left. Do stop by her website to view these rare beauties! I feel so fortunate to have exquisite Japan Kasumi pieces in my own collection.

While you're there on the Kojima website, grab a cold drink or cup of tea and enjoy Sarah's delightful blog!


Well-known member
Jun 7, 2017
Thank you Pearl Dreams, so an interesting article!!
Thus, we learn maybe why we often break our drills... This metallic pin to stick the piece of mantel on the bead!
I have also read what I suspected: "It was learned that golden pearls with orient were actually pink-purple pearls covered with thin yellow-brown organic prismatic layers" (article quote) It seems that's true for any freshwater pearls looking like that (many flameballs, for exemple).
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