Chocolate/golden freshwater


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Apr 19, 2007
Nothing special, just run of the mill photo post. I was going to find the original but nothing comes up on search. I swear I saw it a few days ago. These are the 8-8.5mm dyed chocolate/golden freshwater necklace and bracelet. Way overdue since I've eyed them for months. A very interesting color combination that matches quite a few of my tops. I think the gold makes it very versatile.

The goldens are actually bigger at 8.5mm, with the chocolates being closer to 8mm. Makes for a cute geometric pattern.

Without further ado:




Great, I just remember I left them out there posing still.
Coiled pics. I'm quite surprised noone's really gotten them photographed, as they're all sold out in the sale. Indirect morning sun. I expect the colors to really come out in the afternoon when the sun isn't quite so strong.





BTW, this is taken with my new Canon IXUS960IS. I think it does better than my old Izoom, but there is still some noise at the zoom in pics. But all this is done with macro mode, and my hands have never been more still. Or it might be the anti-shake working.
Quality is AA+, but luster is still top-notch. A few pits in the dark chocolate pearls, but nothing noticeable especially when you wear it. Shape gets very slightly off round towards the ends, but even for AAA it's still not completely round. Overall a winner for the price!




VERY nice photos with the new Canon, Raisondetre, and gorgeous pearls! I love that combo of colors also!
I'm just waiting on large cranberry/lavenders now. I can't find high-grade dyed red pearls, otherwise I'd make it myself. It's hard to find nice big lavenders too. I'm not taking apart my AAA strand to make it LOL. That color took way too long to find.

Bigger doesn't always mean better, but 12 megapixels does beat 5 megapixels for now. It's just two years apart!
Wow, that's firey!! Love it!

*Beautiful* pearls! The coil shots make me think that a multi-strand (chocolate and gold) necklace would be a stunner.

Thanks for the photos!


Coiled pics. I'm quite surprised noone's really gotten them photographed, as they're all sold out in the sale.
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Ooh I love them! I was tempted to get a strand myself but I held back. Those red dyed FWers though are ni~~ce. I want some for myself!
Your pictures are very clear. Did you photoshop? I am not really a fan of chocolate pearls, but I like your strand. The golden pearls are yummy.
No, I'm too lazy to photoshop. My new trusty Canon is pretty nifty. I used the macro mode straight up and it wasn't even blurry like my old one. Wore them out and it looked great in the sun too!