Blue Akoya Custom Tin Cup, Bracelet and Earrings for Client

I'm also hoping PT will share a neck shot! She may be feeling shy. My photos don't do justice to the overtones.

Thank you so much, everyone, Pearlescence, Pareltje, Charlotta, Douglas, Joaz, BWeaves, Multichrome, Jeg, Marianne, Linda.W, Eolian Pearls, Jesskat, Katbran, Lilliefuzzysocks, Lisa C, StarryPearl, SydK, Moneymeister, Happy Huku, for having a look and your kind words!

Reflecting back to comments on the tin cup thread about only putting 5-7 pearls in a necklace, by designing it yourself, you can add as many pearls as you want!
Hi, resurrecting this thread for fun, and to swoon...
also, I’ve tried to calculate, but brain won’t cooperate - what size were the pearls?
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What’s your favorite type of baroque pearl shape Pattye?
YDTK3618 (3).JPG
Lisa, the short drops with little points and that surface which isn't so smooth, have my heart big time! Remind me of filberts, (hazelnuts). Yum! And the way they reflect the light is so interesting.
Well, after I downloaded the photo, I couldn't find where to type!
CathyKeshi, you're right! Cortez Pearls!! They don't always show these overtones so intensely.

Apologies for the late reply, had Covid booster yesterday so I'm resting up today.
Hurray for the booster, and I’m so glad you’re conserving yourself! Take care of yourself, sweetie, and that’ll make us all happy! That goes for all of you here. And Thank you for posting the pic.

I love those shapes too.

Totally agree re not taking notes (not that I’m doing anything). My worst habit is to launch into a project or pearl clean-up without taking a Before photo.:surprised: Well, not really - if only that were my Worst Habit!
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Heavenly, Pattye!!! I can say I HAVE seen those overtones and orient every time I've been lucky enough to be in the same room with those baroques :). Miss those SOC baroques ... and YOU, dear friend. Glad to hear you are boostered!
I just came across this post and this is such a lovely set! Beautifully done
Pattye, I want some! That's amazing work, and so gorgeous, those pearls just pop, wow! Congrats!