Are those pearls Golden South Sea Pearls and/or Tahitian pearls?


Sep 29, 2022

I am on my way to buy some old necklaces from a friend of mine. She claims that those necklaces are made from Golden South Sea Pearls and Tahitian pearls. Can you give me some advice about those necklaces? Are those Golden South Sea Pearls and Tahitian pearls or all of them are just colored, dyed freshwater pearls. And my second question is - how much those necklaces worth incase they are real Tahitian and/or Golden South Sea Pearls?
South Water pearls 1.jpg
Tahitian pearls1.jpg
Tahitian pearls2.jpg
Tahitian pearls3.jpg
Tahitian pearls4.jpg
Tahitian pearls5.jpg
I made some pictures of them. Thank you in advance!
I thought that it could be this scenario but I was not 100% sure to this moment, because most of them come with 14k gold clasp.
If she bought them from China, it's also possible the clasps are not actually 14K.
The clasps are 14k, I have the same ones on my freshwater pearls collection. I can easily recognize the real from the fake pearls but I can not say which real pearls are dyed and which is not. I am not such kind of professional.