Are these real pearls or imitation?


Jun 5, 2024
Hi! I got this set of pearls at a thrift store in a box of stuff that was from the 1890s to the 1940s. They are gritty when rubbed against my tooth, heavy, platm 18ct on the clasp. Are they real and when would they be from? Also brand?

Are these real pearls or imitation?
Are these real pearls or imitation?
Are these real pearls or imitation?
Are these real pearls or imitation?
A happy find from a thrift store! Those are akoya pearls. Graduated strands like these were common into the 1960s or so.
Usually the necklaces I've seen from WW II/Korean War era have plainer clasps.
I'm a bit puzzled by the metal marks. Is it Platinum or is it 18K gold? Is part of the clasp gold and another part platinum?

They have nice luster! I recommend you restring them, as old silk becomes dirty and weakened and could break, resulting in the loss of one of the pearls, or even the entire necklace. You can have them restrung professionally or you can do it yourself! Many of us restring our own pearls. It's not hard. This is a link to my tutorial on how to do it:
Yes indeed...a graduated Akoya pearl necklace from the mid-20th century. Beautiful pearls...they seem high quality.
The clasp is also giving me some conflicting thoughts.
The metal looks silver to me, not platinum...but the markings could make it white gold 18K, and that they used platinum to make it white.
Yay! Thank you for the information. I've always wanted pearls and I can't believe I found some for so cheap. I looked through the rest of the box and found the box for the necklace!