Are these good hanadama pearls?

Oct 21, 2021
Hi Fellow Pearl Guide members,

I am new to pearls, and just purchased a set of hanadama pearl necklace, bracelet, and earrings (7mm-7.5mm) from one of the US-based online vendors. I bought this necklace as a gift, but I wanted to seek your opinions before gifting this to the recipient.

The price I paid for the set was between $2000-$2700. How would you grade these pearls? Are these Hanadama pearls of good quality for the price range? I am keeping the vendor anonymous for now, so that we may keep this thread neutral. Thanks in advance for your input!




Hi Pearl-Newbie! And welcome to our Pearl-Loving forum :)

I have mixed feelings about the strand...the last photos have gorgeous, clean (are there some spots? Not sure) and round pearls...some with a bit of mottling (last photo on the left side) but some of the first photos I see several ovalish shaped ones. Might be a camera lens effect and not real...then I also see that some pearls have a beautiful rosé overtone and others not and I would have expected better matching.

I don't know...I would really like to SEE the actual necklace to make sure the photos are not lying, but I would have expected better matching from a Hanadama necklace. I could be wrong: I can't see the actual necklace and sometimes photos are not very truthful (nor our monitors or phone screens). Would love to see what other forum members may add!
Thank you, CortezPearls! You were right that the ovalish ones are deal to camera lens effect. At least the pearls are not noticeably off-round when I look at them in person. You raised a good point about uniformity. Some pearls have the aurora brilliance as indicated in the last photo, but not all of them. Should there be better matching/uniformity of the pearls across the entire strand?
In my opinion: Yes! For a Hanadama necklace definitively.
Did you get the certificate by Japan's Pearl Lab and all?
Yes, the set came with a PSL certificate, which mentioned the colors, nacre thickness, etc, but it didn't mention anything about uniformity.
Well, if they have their certificate...they are GOOD TO ME. I mean, photos are sometimes great...but there are so many things that can go wrong with them...distortion is one.
Then, photos are STATIC and pearls are DYNAMIC....a photo catches just a moment. If I were handling the pearls I would move them and I would see the orient changing and a photo cannot capture this. Perhaps the matching is perfect, and the photo does not do it any justice.

I would say: you are the one with the necklace, the one that can see it in the morning, midday and evening...all those moments when pearls seem to acquire a different life due to illumination, skin, clothing....pearls are better experienced when worn. A necklace is meant for it :)

So, try wearing it, having someone wear it...change the times to do this too. A True Hanadama Akoya Necklace is something special.