Any one familiar with this mark?


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Feb 2, 2024
I have found this necklace in one of my hoarder boxes while trying to make a pearl lot but seen an 'M' mark that i havent noticed before , I was wondering if any of you are familiar with this ark or has seen it before, any info would be highly appreciated. Thank you


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I agree with @Pearl Dreams
Those look like imitation pearls.
Maybe they added the "M" there to further imitate...say, Mikimoto?
The pearls and clasp look like imitations. I also suspect the "M" logo is to make you feel like you have faux Mitimotos.

My grandmother's real akoya strand that I inherited back in the 1970s had a clasp in that exact style, only with real pearls and white gold so there is no tarnish. She bought them in the 1950s or very early 60s. But 50's I think. It was a popular style of clasp back then.
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Never seen this mark before. Those look like off-round freshwater pearls to me, due to the shapes...but it could be a photographic distortion too. Good luster!
Could be Akoyas too...could you show us a photograph with a light-colored background? (cream, beige, gray, white)
Did they tell you what kind of pearls are these?
The B gives me distinct Brighton vibes, though it is not exactly correct compared to the current Brighton B logo. Perhaps it is a prior iteration of the logo?