Another pearl scam -


Pearl Paradise
Jun 22, 2004
This is pretty annoying - a fake pearl seller copied photos from Josh and Celeste (Kamoka) and put their story on this new website that is selling fake pearls. They are advertising on Instagram with a video showing the nucleation of Tahitian pearl oysters with a bunch of sustainability claims.

The whole website is a scam. If you come across their ads, please report them!

Intellectual Property Rights? This is crazy. Here they are stealing others photos and content and they are calling out others that might steal theirs?

Stealing Tahitian pearl farmer photos and selling beads claiming they are Japanese akoya pearls ...

This is the second time this group has popped up. They were selling under another strange website name a couple months ago.

Fuersm fake pearl scam.png
This is who owns the domain. I would start by going direct to them to ask to remove.
The nameservers give away the host company. I don't recognise it but maybe easy to find out, contact them too as they will remove it even if the owners ignore and they should look into a cease and desist us equivalent or a letter from their lawyer.
I assume the UK address is a fake cover of some kind looks like namesilo maybe the hosting company.


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They keep making websites with made-up names. This appears to be one of theirs too -

The last site was called emprendedorr, and it appears to have been shut down. I "think" they just throw up scam sites and then run ads on Facebook and Instagram promoting it until they get shut down. The next site will probably be another random mix of letters.
It's a never-ending story...most of these sites are located in countries where they cannot be touched by US and European laws, but if they are using Facebook or Instagram they can be pulled down if there is a complaint done by the offended party.
But if they can make a quick buck before they shut down it is well worth for them...they would really need to be caught red handed and punished in order for these scammers to become worried or afraid of their wrongdoing.

What a bummer!
Over here limited companies have to file publicly available information such as directors and accounts
Here's the info on Vankin
Bloomsbury Square in London must be a correspondence address because it is one of the most expensive areas of central london.
Here is another site from the same - Casuatal
Everything about this site SCREAMS deceit!
Their intro text:
About us
Our company is a small but motivated company which specialises in freshwater pearls, incorporating a wide range of sizes and colours, with jewellery fittings made of quality components sourced from reliable suppliers.
And the very first thing they offer are "Akoya"...but they specialize in freshwaters, don't they?