All except one pass the tooth test!


Dec 24, 2021
As a newbie, I have learned so much from the posts on the forum. I have found such a simple way to tell the fakes - they feel so smooth when rubbed against each other or a tooth. I only wish I had known this earlier. So I decided to do the tooth test on my pearls...

I have several pearl strings - either gifts or inexpensive stuff I picked up while traveling because it looked pretty. All the ones in the pictures passed the tooth test except number 4, which I had bought in Vietnam. It was from a big touristy shop and the salesman had insisted that they were genuine local pearls. Thankfully I did not pay much for it.

No. 3, 5 and 7 were bought in Thailand / Malaysia. Am I right to assume that they are all dyed freshwater pearls?. No. 6 was from Dubai airport & cost more than the others. I presume these are also freshwater pearls. Do let me know if my assessment is correct or if you have any other comments on the pearls.


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I believe you are correct Amira. Those are fresh-water Pearl's... Except for the imitation strand.
Number 7 seems natural colored to me.
What can you tell me about #2?
No. 2 was bought many years ago on Emirates onboard duty free. It was part of their fashion jewelry collection and hence I believe it’s an imitation piece. However I could not make out so conclusively from the tooth test as it did not feel as smooth as the imitation string when rubbed against the tooth. I’m looking for old duty free catalogs online to confirm.