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Recent content by purlgurl

  1. purlgurl

    Mini Melbourne ruckus

    It just so happens that my little corner of the world has been selected by a number of very stylish Pearly People, as the Place to Stay (and be enveigled into trying a Tango class). If humanly possible, photos to follow. Surely that is Pearling Industry News of front page significance!
  2. purlgurl


    A customer brought these in today, just to get a feel for their value. The story handed down, from Gran, is that they are Dead Sea pearls, from someone between husbands 1 & 2, and one day when she gets really sloshed, she will divulge all. My hands were shaking I was so excited to see them. Any...
  3. purlgurl

    New pearl catalogues

    A kind hearted relative just brought in a stack of catalogues she thought I might be interested in... including Kailis & Paspaley. So Im sitting here drooling, and only you guys here know how much I appreciate her kind thought. Thank you for being [LIST] passionate about pearls empathetic...
  4. purlgurl

    Silver keshi version

    I made earrings for my Aunt, who's ear piercing had grown to a line rather than a hole, shown in another thread. (Heat & Pearls post #34) The post is placed on the lower section of a disc, which covers the line. It seemed like such a practical idea, I suggested it to another customer, who had...
  5. purlgurl

    not an engagement ring...

    A customer brought this ring in to replace the pearl. I had just taken delivery of a few from Nerida, and just by luck, they were a pretty close fit! However, there is a hole in the bottom of the ring, where I expected a post to be, and a round pearl which fits the bezel sits up very high, &...
  6. purlgurl

    A quiet day here

    I guess we are all too busy working with our pearls, to be posting new things here... so here is my latest. A random mixture of shapes & sizes, all FW. The focals are sterling, gold plated, making this an inexpensive, fun piece, with lots of character. Details, 72cm long, lowly beader's pearls...
  7. purlgurl

    Mama I'm home

    A new pearl supplier visited yesterday, and in his excitement, whilst showing me his wares, he thought he dropped one. We looked under the couch, & found an elastic band, moved the coffee table, & to my dismay, only dust bunnies to be seen. So this morning, I got in early, to vacuum. Imagine my...
  8. purlgurl

    Why do I give myself headaches?

    I will now have to get new glasses... The customer wanted it today, to wear to a party tonight, so not enough time to get it to & from Bernadette. Anyway I wouldnt wish this headache on her... Its 3 mm (and some are smaller) and so sweet! I bet I wont get a tip for finishing before I said I would.
  9. purlgurl

    still hunting for long drops

    I found these, 290344508639 hunting for long drop pearls for the Anne Boleyn necklace. They are the right shape, but suspiciously perfect. I messaged the seller asking if they were faux, plastic, shell based, MOP, or freshwater, and here is the answer: The above item in white colour with no...
  10. purlgurl

    Gold with lemon diamonds

    Any guesses? I was always too embarassed to show my lack of knowledge when selecting pearls, so what is this? & did I get ripped off?:o Its a soft warm colour, definitely off shape, but lovely luster.
  11. purlgurl

    Fishtail pearls?

    The maker of this bracelet told me they were fishtail pearls. Until I found this forum, I had never heard of flameball pearls either, is it a similar thing? They are quite lustrous, but have a fair bit of surface 'disturbance', with a faint pink blush. About 8mm (without the tail). So what do...
  12. purlgurl

    Hunting for long FW drops

    Ok, so here I am amongst all these specialists, maybe you can point me in the right direction. My customer would like to re-create the Ann Boleyn necklace from the movie. Am I hunting for something that doesnt exist? 3 similar long drop pearls, white, can be slightly off perfect shape, I was...