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Recent content by PGDesign

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    Some nice finds from E-Bay

    After a couple of Pearl Paradise purchases last December I was of course still 'in need' of more pearls, but funds were a little restricted. I was specifically after large freshwaters. And so, I turned to e-Bay. I was pretty shocked by the frankly fraudulant claims of some sellers, but I was...
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    Pearl Paradise Baroques

    Tahitian baroque strand with diamond clasp, silver grey body colour with aqua green and rose overtones, AA+, 9.4mm to 11.6mm. These were a birthday present to myself (well, any excuse to buy pearls). They were my first 'proper' pearl purchase: Another strand from Pearl Paradise, large...
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    GIA Pearl Grading Course, My Experience

    Hi Everyone I wasn't quite sure where to put this thread, and I'm also very aware that a great many of you hold the Pearl Diploma, so I must apologise if I am being repetitive. However, perhaps there are some newcomers who are wondering about the one day GIA Pearl Grading course, and whether...
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    Tahitian Multis

    I'm doing the GIA Pearl Grading course in London tomorrow - yippeeee !! I think I'll wear this .... they were little horrors to photograph .....
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    Size of Black Freshwater Pearls - and Lustre

    Hi Everybody, I've really enjoyed reading the forum over the last few weeks. I started buying pearls a few months ago, and I was relieved to see some of my chosen suppliers posting on this site. Despite absorbing so much valuable information, I would still appreciate some clarification on a...