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Recent content by Pearling Technologies

  1. Pearling Technologies

    Hawaiian Pearl Promoter Richard Fassler Passed Away

    I remember him well from Pearls ‘94 also Douglas. He was very passionate about the industry and tirelessly worked to make that conference successful. There’s never been anything like it and I don‘t think there ever will.
  2. Pearling Technologies

    Thailand South Sea Pearl Farming

    There are a few farms still operating. Some had difficulties during covid and getting technicians to site, some were not bothered to any great extent for production but hard to get goods to market. It's improving now but slowly slowly. Last I was there was in 2019.
  3. Pearling Technologies

    Crowd Funded South Sea Pearl Farm

    Hello Pearl People Just wondering what interest there may be from the audience in a crowd funded south sea pearl farm? Pearl farms require large investment and they are subject to many environmental and market forces so not everyone has the capacity to start or invest in a farm. Perhaps crowd...
  4. Pearling Technologies

    The Book of the Pearl

    Inside this book......
  5. Pearling Technologies

    The Book of the Pearl

    One of my most prized possessions of pearling memorabilia.
  6. Pearling Technologies

    14mm South Sea Pearl studs - where to buy in Australia?

    Just thought you might like to know the outcome. ZedPea viewed various pairs and ended up choosing these buttons.
  7. Pearling Technologies

    Where do teardrops come from?

    Some farmers have also used drop shaped nuclei - apologies for the blurry picture
  8. Pearling Technologies

    Real men can

    Couldn't get my 3 little men to stand still long enough for a close up! (they were in between school and sports training). The boys are all wearing small SSP's on leather lace.
  9. Pearling Technologies

    nucleating bead shape

    An update for an old thread. I mentioned previously about drop shape nuclei we were asked to supply. I've attached a photo of some that I currently have in stock. Interestingly, I've also just been recycling some rejected nuclei and have come across a number of drop shape nuclei from this batch.
  10. Pearling Technologies

    Opal Pearls

    Some pictures of one of my clients production - Opal Pearls. I wasn't too successful on the 'upload' so I have included the following link. http://www.pearlingtechnologies.com/id19.html
  11. Pearling Technologies

    Cleaning glue from pearls

    I have a customer who has a Tahitian oval/drop with a white gold fitting at the top. the fitting was drilled and glued using loctite super glue but a slight cloudiness has appeared at the edge of the fitting, on the pearl. What does anyone recommend to clean it off without affecting the pearl?