I love using Ellipses is a sad talent. Pearl Hobbyist, passionate about the world of pearls. Always a gemology student. G.I.A AJP a d other gemological pursuits. A tech nerd weening himself off of technology okay not really. On to the next Nerding out project. Give a dog or cat a second chance, adopt a shelter pet.

All things gem related, gemology. Nature, Gardening and RIP to a certain Fuzzy little white dog
California mostly.
Consulting, reformed Techie, also exploring Jewelry design again


“No,” Midge said, “I take it back. I wouldn’t get a mink coat the first thing. Know what I’d do? I’d get a string of pearls. Real pearls.” Yes,” Annabel said, slowly. “I think that’s a kind of a good idea. And it would make sense, too. Because you can wear pearls with anything.”