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Unknown pearls - gift from 4/2006

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  • Unknown pearls - gift from 4/2006

    Hello all! Thanks for reading

    I got this pearl necklace for my 16th birthday from my aunt. I'm not much of a girly girl or into fancy jewelry, so I'm just hoping to determine the pearls' quality and value. I know they are potentially worth a good amount because my aunt is pretty wealthy. She likely purchased them in Dallas, TX, if that matters.

    The pearls themselves are in good shape, but the clasp and heart pendant are not (some rusting/discoloration). The only marks on the necklace are personalized engravings on the heart pendant (my initials and 16th birthday date). I'm assuming the pendant can be removed easily. The box is also in good shape.

    Here are some specs and pictures:

    Gritty/smooth?: slightly gritty
    Length of necklace: 14 3/4 inches
    Diameter of pearls: ~6 mm

    Click image for larger version

Name:	20150303_220928.jpg
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    Hi and welcome to P-G.

    What you have is a pretty but inexpensive choker of cultured Chinese freshwater pearls.

    The toggle clasp and the charm seem to be sterling silver, which has tarnished but can be cleaned with a silver-polishing cloth.

    They have very little resale value (under $30 based on "sold" similar items on eBay), so I hope you will just enjoy them for their sentimental value.

    They were a thoughtful gift for a 16 year old. Perhaps you could remove the charm and find another use for it? The jump ring connecting the charm can be opened.
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      Have you thought of wrapping your pearls 2X and wearing as a bracelet? The length seems like it would be just right. Could be cute stacked with other pieces, including leather you might already have. In the past pearls might have been thought of as "fancy" and saved for special occasions, but today strands are worn with t-shirts in the most casual manner.





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        Pattye has nailed it! That is a fantastic length to wear as a bracelet -- and the charm will look great, too!


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          Great idea Pattye. It's interesting to watch how people wear pearls differently now than they did 10 years ago even.