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What are these and what are they worth?

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  • What are these and what are they worth?

    Hi, I am hoping you can help me. I am new to this site but found that it might be very useful. My great-great grandmother died 10 years ago at the age of 102 and left me these pearls. I am clueless as to if they are even worth anything. Can someone with the knowledge help me out? They are quite nice in quality, but I'm unsure if they are just "costume" jewelry or something I shouldn't be wearing to work and should have safe at home.
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    Those are rice krispie pearls, some of the earliest Chinese freshwater pearls. Since then they have learned how to make them round and smooth. These are now fairly inexpensive, under $100 for sure and more likely, under$50. Is the clasp gold or goldfilled?

    So wear them and enjoy them. They are a wonderful little pearls and very sturdy, so they can be worn every day if you want.

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      Those are lustrous pearls, and a substantial look with the six strands. Wear and enjoy! Check them over now and then to see of the thread is looking frayed or stretched out, in which case they might need restringing, something you can learn to do yourself.

      The necklace is a credit to your Grandmother's good taste and a delightful nice story to tell about your treasure when people ask what you are wearing and if they are real!



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        I love them! I think the older rice krispies have a great look, the just shout nacre, look wonderful when you are dressed up but also very "cool" when decked out in jeans and a t shirt. You were lucky to get these!

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