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Finishing Pearl safety ball clasp professionally?

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  • Finishing Pearl safety ball clasp professionally?

    Hi all I would like to know the proper and professional way to attach a pearl safety clasp onto a knotted strand of Tahitian pearls. Here is the actual clasp I will be using

    I search some info on YouTube and it seems that using frenchwire is the more preferred way. Is that so, or are there any other way of finishing for a high end necklace? Between the French wire and the first pearl, do u usually put a knot between? May I seek your advice thanks

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    Pearlies, Did you buy this kit from RioGrande? The video shows how to knot and use bullion correctly. There are plenty of places in the box to store the different sizes of silk you will need if you restring various sizes of pearls. Keep in mind the Bullion in the kit is very small so you will need to buy the different sizes that corrispond with your silk.
    I personally don't knot between the Bullion and first pearl and none of my strands have that done either. Lillie


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      Hi lillie thanks for the reply and recommendation I did not get this kit, it seems to be a good starter kit!


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        I think that kit is silly. Every pearl, you must pick the gadget up, do the knot and put it down. Whereas, one can make perfect knots by using doubled thread on a needle, make the knot, separate the threads and pull the knot tight.

        Why add a $90 plus shipping, gadget? Use the money to get good tools, good thread, good needles and find a craft box or a tackle box that can hold it along with pearls and a real bead board. They have some with lids. I don't know of a good knotter who thinks they need a gadget to knot. The knotter does a good job, if you can figure out how to use it, but it is completely unnecessary. I am a lefty or something, I couldn't get it to work for me. Anyway, if you have one, LFS, bring it to show us. Someone may like it!

        I am bringing my little traveling knotting craft bag. I hope others do too. So much to learn from each other.......

        How to hand-knot pearls without a tool

        My avatar is a Sea of Cortez mabe pearl. One of a pair of Mexican handmade earrings.


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          I agree with Caitlin. Use of the knotting tool just seems to add more steps. Practice is the key to getting tight knots. Wendy (pearlesence) just did a youtube video on knotting which is very helpful. She just uses a needle to control her knots. I would also apply that money toward needles, thread and good pliers and wire cutters.


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            Guess this thread goes to show, there is more than one way to the same end.


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              Hi all thanks for the input! Liliie's recommended tool kit seems comprehensive to me It has a place for all the necessary tools, which is convenient. I will look around for a similar one, with a lower price tag, without the knotting tool. I would do without the knotting tool (I saw it on youtube before) and frankly, it does seem an extra step to me I would hope to knot super fast like the ppl on youtube one day just with their hands!

              So I will use a french wire when attaching the safety clasp?