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WSS pearl drop pendant- I need your help!!

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    That big white one has a nice satiny lustre. But I agree about the bail. Is that a bit of a circle at the top of the pearl? Maybe that's the reason for the wide leaf cover the circle? Might just be the light but I'd ask to be sure. That gold one looks to be a beautiful pearl. ( I'd ask for a photo in natural light just to be sure of the depth of colour.)


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      That looks like a circle & bet there is a small knob on top of it. Its OK it really doesn't show but should be priced better than a more symetrical pearl. I like the color. The gold pearl does look like a nice color. Just check as I think he's the one that lists alot of his golden as Australian origin & he has alot & Australia does not produce many golden pearls. Gold pearls do change with the lighting. Sometimes mine look really gold & at other times even teeter on a dark champagne...


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        You are all soo bad enablers!
        Unfortunately the gold drop pendant was sold within a day after I posted it!! The lurkers... but I have found an other one, just a little bit less deep golden color and for a better price.

        And I even ordered 9 loose pearls for a WSSP-GSSP tin cup! I have been so bad!!

        I hope the pearls arrive soon, I can't wait to have them!

        Pearly whites: yes, you are right with buying one loose pearl for the pendant, but I haven't found any loose in the size and shape I was looking for. And I'm also located in Europe, so buying real gold pendant bails is not as easy and the shipping costs from USA quite high. But I'm still looking for a nice WSSP drop, maybe next month. My budget is now blown!!


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          I thought, now that I have bought a few pearls from PS I can show them.

          At first my new pendant:
          Click image for larger version

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          It's a little bit less deep gold, but I still like it.

          I have also bought 9 pcs of SSP a mixture of white and gold. All of the pearls are between 11-13mm. I couldn't resist the possibility to make a tincup. I just have to decide if I use silver or yellow gold chain.
          Here is a collage of the pearls:
          Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_5005.jpg
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          What would you choose? Does someone maybe have a SSP tincup?
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            Ooooo, pretty. I like the one in the upper right.

            And the one in the middle with the hammered texture is really cool looking.


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              BWeaves thank you! I've tried to find golden pearls in a few shades of gold, and nice whites. I hope they are as nice as on the pictures. Unfortunately thebpendant is not an enhancer pendant, although it would match the colors of the tincup well. Can I somehow remove the bail?