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Please help to identify: SSP or freshwater

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    Because this is between friends, I would suggest getting an appraisal, or even just some input from a trusted jeweler about what they are and what they are likely worth. For valuation though, it would be important not to get an estimate regarding what retail replacement value is likely to be (which would represent a largely inflated price), but rather what a strand of similar nature would be likely to fetch if sold second hand (which is typically less than half of retail price). That way, both of you know what a fair price would be and no-one is likely to feel taken advantage of in the future.


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      alternatively, you could agree upon what you think are fair prices for both a FW strand and an SSP strand, then just have them identified and base the price on that (this could maybe avoid the jeweler having to give a price, which can mean a lot of things depending on what type of pricing you ask for and what experience the particular jeweler has selling or consigning pearls).


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        Definitely need better photos, and I'm gonna concur with everyone else here on the forum that getting an expert appraisal and/or a quick x-ray (know any dentists??) would be the best route to take here.

        Some of the chalky-spot inclusions, pearl ridges and kind-of "pointed" irregularities along with other surface patterns have me thinking large Freshwater strand though.
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          If you do get an appraisal, PLEASE just don't take them to any jewelry store. Most jewelers don't know that much about pearls. I see so many appraisals on ebay that misidentify the pearl. I would check to see if Pearl Paradise or one of the more well known pearl stores will appraise them. I would trust their appraisal more than a local jeweler's shop.


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            Well, if it's a "vintage" strand, then another way out would be scarifying one of the pearls to slice it in half. If it's south sea, there would be round nucleus. If it's freshwater - there would be no nucleus. But that's a bit cruel
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