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South sea string- worth it?

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  • South sea string- worth it?

    Hi everyone, new to pearls- attaching a pic of South sea pearls- are these genuine ss pearls of decent quality? Please help.
    Mom wanted to buy me a string but not sure if she got a good deal. She paid 2300 USD for these and I m terrified they are not worth it. Bought them in puerto princesa, Philippines. Please please help.
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    yay or nay! south sea string, PLease help!

    Click image for larger version

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    Please help !! I need help grading these- they are supposed to be south sea, 12mm to 15mm and bought by mom for usd 2300. are they worth it? and are they genuine? and a decent quality? thanks in advance


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      Think they are South Sea but they not come from the Philippines. Nice strand and the price is not expensive.


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        I think mom got a great deal. Those are really nice and they're HUGE. How are the surfaces, is there a lot of pitting?
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          My first gut reaction to your photos are, "Nice SS pearls!" You got a good deal.

          The other possibility is that they are Edisons, but those would also be expensive.

          Can you photograph them on a completely white background, like white paper towel, instead of the pink background cloth.

          I think the pink background cloth is reflecting in the pearls and making it harder to judge the actual color of the pearls.
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            I see a small mark on one of the pearls which looks like a ssp blemish, so I would say that she got a very nice strand.


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              They are really nice pearls . Quite possible they are SS in which case she got a great deal. Even if they were Edison pearls - a brand of large bead nucleated Freshwater pearl - they are still pretty fairly priced. ( the very high quality Edison's can go to 50000$ wholesale)

              Either way they are gorgeous and,she wasn't cheated.


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                That seems like too little money to spend on a WSS strand that is near round, relatively clean, and in that size. For that reason alone I would be wondering if they might be exceedingly large FWP. The price would still be good even if they were FWP. But I am not familiar at all with prices in the Philippines. With online retail prices, that would be low.


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                  All I can say is that I am exceedingly jealous lol!


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                    These pearls look like SS to me also, from the silver-white color; a very good buy! It's difficult to evaluate the actual shape of the pearls from the photo, but "rounds" in this size would be considerably more expensive than "off rounds or baroques." They seem to have few blemishes and will look round when worn.



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                      Gorgeous necklace! Great purchase!


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                        This is a wonderful thread...edited: I see that some of our experts have responded...I would trust their opinion. A very lovely necklace!
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